‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Declares There’s ‘No Keeping Wheatley’ Down in Gritty Dylan McDermott Snap

by Megan Molseed

When we last saw “Law and Order: Organized Crime’s” Will Wheatley (Dylan McDermott), he was injured and in jail. However, it quickly became clear to fans of the latest addition to the “Law and Order” franchise, that these were merely small hurdles for the corrupt criminal.

A recent Instagram post from the official “Law & Order” account makes that abundantly clear, as well.

“There’s no keeping Wheatley down for long,” the post said. The June 30 Insta post included a photo of one of Wheatley’s last moments on the show’s season finale. Wheatley may be looking worse for the wear, in the photo, but his expression is all that we need to see. The “Law and Order” bad guy’s face and suit may be bloodied. His clothes may be crumpled, and his appearance may be disheveled, but that smirk on his face tells “Law and Order” fans that he has it all under control.

In the show’s season one finale, we see mobster Richard Wheatley begin to play games with the detectives working hard to take him down. His attempts to get to arresting officer Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) even span across the hit television show’s franchise.

A “Law and Order” Partnership that Spans Across the Board

As the first season of “Law and Order: Organized Crime” came to a close, the bond shared between Stabler and his former “Law and Order: SVU” partner, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) becomes clear to Wheatley.

As the show comes to a close, Wheatley lures Benson to a scene in which Stabler is coming to the aid of Wheatley’s ex-wife, Angela (Tamara Taylor). Angela and Stabler began a relationship during the course of season one.

This all led to one of the season’s most intense moments as Wheatley reveals to Angela that Benson has always been the love of Stabler’s life. Despite his relationship with her. This revelation is sure to complicate things for the detective going forward.

Wheatley also reveals that Angela’s actions resulted in the murder of Elliot Stabler’s wife at the beginning of the “Law and Order” series. Angela denies any direct involvement, while Wheatley maintains she had ordered the murder herself.

Wherever these topics go as season two of the hit show premieres this fall, one thing is for sure…Wheatley is pulling the strings. And there certainly is no way to keep him down for long.