‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Elliot Stabler Is a Man on a Mission in Intense Clip

by Suzanne Halliburton
James Devaney/GC Images

We’re still screaming at the TV from last Thursday’s episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Elliot Stabler, you’re going to get caught!

Jon Kosta is going to find out that Stabler is an undercover agent using the identity of Eddie Wagner. And Kosta, the sadistic Albanian crime boss who also keeps up with politics, may cut out Stabler’s tongue. Or maybe he’ll do something worse and add the body part to his wall next to the tongue. Should we be scared for Christopher Meloni? Again, screaming at the TV.

And the Law & Order social media account did us no favors by tweeting a clip from last Thursday’s episode. The frenetic ending still puts everyone in a panic. So, is the Law & Order: Organized Crime and the task force “running out of time?”

Relive the ending and get back with us on the other side.

Put Blondie on the Juke Box, Let’s Talk ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Cue some Blondie music in honor of Flutera, and let’s talk that last Law & Order: Organized Crime scene. Because it was nothing but organized.

Jon Kosta, the crime boss Stabler wants to take down, heard Teddy Garcia’s speech. Garcia is running for governor of New York. And he’s not scared of these mob types, which is why he called out the Albanians by name in a televised stump speech. Kosta now wants a blood feud and ordered Reggie, Albi Brusci’s nephew, to kill Garcia.

Stabler heard the Reggie news and raced to help Garcia. He jumped into Garcia’s car while calling Reggie and asking him to ditch the assignment. Reggie is hapless and drunk as he drives through New York in a delivery truck.

Garcia is frantically trying to call his wife. She finally picks up the phone, but says “wait a sec,’ because there’s a delivery guy at the door. Garcia screams not to open the door, but his wife didn’t hear him. Reggie had already turned around when she came to the door, but he still managed to swing around and shoot her in the gut as Stabler and Garcia roll up to the scene.

With a dead woman on the front porch and neighbors gathered to find out what happened, Stabler tries to quietly slip behind the crowd and walk away. But everyone has a camera these days. Did someone snap a photo before Stabler could hide? Will Kosta find out that Eddie Wagner was with the candidate? Will he figure out Eddie is Elliot?

Kosta admitted earlier in the Law & Order: Organized Crime episode that he watches the news. He seems shocked that the others in the office didn’t keep up with the headlines. Kosta isn’t that upset that Reggie botched the assignment and killed Garcia’s wife. He thinks the hit still will scare Garcia away from the Albanians.

But as Stabler plays an undercover superman, how close is he to having his true identity exposed?

Law & Order: Organized fans, relax a bit. You get a week off from all this Albanian mob anxiety. The next new episode is Nov. 4.