‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ EP Reveals Which Character Will ‘Bear the Brunt’ of Stabler Going Undercover

by Megan Molseed

As audiences tuned in to last week’s Law and Order: Organized Crime premiere episode, we see that Elliot Stabler has gone deep – very deep – undercover with an Albanian drug cartel.

Of course, working as an undercover officer infiltrating a gang full of some incredibly dangerous and violent criminals in this potentially deadly mission may be a risky move for the Law and Order detective. However, fans of the series will soon learn that this imperative issue the detective finds himself facing this season.

In fact, the detective will soon learn his biggest concerns sit within his own home.

A Dedicated Man

Ever since Law and Order fans were introduced to Detective Elliot Stabler over twenty years ago, one thing was abundantly clear: the impassioned detective was dedicated equally to both his job and his family.

Part of the charm Law and Order audiences saw in Stabler was the fact that the detective took his roles across the board very seriously. Roles such as a father, a husband, a detective, and even as an on-the-job partner.

However, sometimes, the Law and Order: Organized Crime detective found himself in precarious positions; as his passion and dedication to do what he thinks is best – no matter what -within one of these roles would cause issues in another.

A New Series; Similar Problems

Sure, a lot has changed for the dedicated detective over the years; and it seems he is facing yet another circumstance along these lines. Now, there are some very important people in the detective’s life that will soon be bearing the brunt of his recent on-the-job decision.

“Stabler is a somewhat absent father sincerely doing his best to be there for all of his kids,” notes Law and Order: Organized Crime Executive Producer Ilene Chaiken of the detective.

Chaiken adds that things at the Stabler home are extra intense after the unexpected death of his wife, and the mother of his children, Kathy. Especially for that of Elliot Stabler’s youngest child, Eli.

 “This will present problems and issues that will develop,” the showrunner continues. “Eli will bear the brunt.”

Stabler Balances Detective Work and Family In ‘Law and Order: Organzied Crime’

In last week’s Law and Order: Organized Crime season premiere, viewers saw a glimpse of how these issues are beginning to unfold for the undercover detective; and his family.

Since Elliot Stabler is so deep undercover within the Albanian gang, the detective gets precious little time at home. This also means that the detective gets precious little time with his family.

Viewers of the show’s second season premiere saw Elliot check in with his son outside of Eli’s school. The connection was a quick one, but still very, very sweet. The opportunity for these brief moments will become more difficult for the father to orchestrate, notes Chaiken. Especially as the season progresses. Creating consequences within the family, over time.