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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Contemplate ‘Albi and Flutura’s Relationship’

by John Jamison
(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

While all of the Law & Order: SVU fans discuss Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler’s relationship, Stabler is up to no good undercover as Eddie Wagner on Law & Order: Organized Crime. He’s sleeping with Flutura Briscu—the wife of Albanian gangster Albi Briscu. The secret affair has led fans to wonder where Stabler’s loyalties lie. Is he hooking up with Flutura to get better intel on the Kosta organization? Or are there feelings there?

Chris Meloni’s Elliot Stabler has already run into some trouble as Eddie Wagner. For one, he discovered Albi’s big secret—that he’s gay. It’s likely the reason for Flutura’s seeking the affair out in the first place. Further, Stabler’s undercover identity is on thin ice as the real Eddie Wagner’s son turned up to question Meloni’s character.

All of this is to say that Stabler continuing to pursue an affair with Flutura is a risky proposition. But the nature of Flutura’s relationship with Albi is complicated. While Albi may be gay, that doesn’t mean there aren’t strong feelings between him and his wife. One Redditor by the name of laperla312 made that point in a post recently.

“In the scene where Flutura responds to Eddie by saying ‘maybe we saved each other’ seems to hint that she knows his secret. His (heartening) standing up for her intimates that maybe they love each other, just not in a share sexy parts way. Thoughts?” the post reads.

Other Law & Order: Organized Crime fans were quick to chime in.

“I thought the same thing. they’ve been “together” for so long she must know he’s not into her romantically, but they both need each other,” writes rachh90.

Albi and Flutura being so committed to each other, despite the former’s sexuality may prove dangerous for Stabler as he infiltrates the Kosta organization.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Think Albi and Flutura Together Are the Real Brains of the Kosta Organization

For all of Jon Kosta’s strengths as the leader of a criminal organization, he’s a bit stuck in his ways. New York is not Albania, and it seems like Albi (Vinnie Jones) is the only one who realizes that. It has led at least one fan to pinpoint Albi and Flutura as the power couple of the Kosta family.

“I must say that out of all the men in the KO Albi is the only one that seems like he has half a brain cell in his head. Like he realized he couldn’t just kill anybody who discovered his ‘secret,’ told Kosta that this isn’t Albania and the plans Kosta was making for Garcia would not fly here,” writes LilLexi20.

Perhaps Elliot Stabler has picked up on the same thing, and that’s why he’s focusing his attention on Flutura.