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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Are In Love With This Character

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Most people were drawn to Law & Order: Organized Crime for Elliot Stabler. However, it looks like fans are sticking around for someone else. Fans can’t get enough of Jet, the young computer whiz who helps the Organized Crime department solve cases.

A new Reddit thread that’s gaining traction is titled “In a season of incredible characters, Jett is kick ass.” The fan who started the thread wrote how much they like Jet and Bell. But Jet is especially standing out.

“This is the crime fighting of the future, and the future is female. I also love how Bell’s character is developing. The portrayal of her balancing being tough and diplomatic while overcoming obstacles of race and sexuality I think is pretty realistic,” the fan wrote.

One fan even said that Jet is what makes Law & Order: Organized Crime a better viewing experience for them than Law & Order: SVU.

“Just when i thought svu couldn’t be topped, here came OC. I LOVE Jet, she is bad the frick ass and DAMN smart. Gorgeous too cannot forget that,” the person wrote. People love how intelligent and interesting Jet is. She’s also strikingly well written for her age. TV writers have often struggled with writing characters in the younger generation.

Jet’s currently played an important role in the department while Elliot Stabler is undercover, trying to bust up a drug ring. The recent episode saw Elliot get discovered following a raid that tipped one of the key mob figures off.

Jet actor Ainsley Seiger is very new to the acting scene. Her first TV credit is Jet Slootmakers, and she’s already making an incredibly deep impression. Seiger seems to be having a good time on set and has bonded well with everyone else.

The ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star has Been a Delight on Social Media

Seiger has also made quite the impression on social media. Recently, she made a hilarious post about Law & Order: Organized Crime‘s own success story following the 500th episode of Law & Order: SVU.

“I made a cake for our milestone 14th episode tonight,” the actor wrote.

14 episodes does really pale in comparison to Law & Order: SVU’s 500th, but what matters is the quality. Law & Order: Organized Crime has managed to divide critics and fans, with some loving the show so far and others not feeling it at all. But one thing most people who watch the show have in common?

Everyone loves Jet.

You can catch episodes of Law & Order: Organized Crime on NBC at 10/9 central. If you tune in an hour before hand, you can watch Law & Order: SVU. The two shows have already crossed over a lot this year as their seasons take off, and that trend will likely continue.