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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans React to the Casting of Jennifer Beals

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for CDGA)

A new face is coming to Law & Order: Organized Crime with the addition of Jennifer Beals and fans are already talking about it, of course.

Beals is back in the Law & Order universe. This time as the wife of the newest bad guy, Preston Webb. A drug kingpin that is set to be the next thorn in Elliot Stabler‘s side. It has been a few days since the announcement was made. This puts Beals and Ilene Chaiken back together, they had previously worked on other projects together such as The L Word.

The actress is ready to get started. “So excited to be joining such a great cast and a legacy show!” she tweeted. She also added that the “icing on the cake” is getting to work with Chaiken again.

Safe to say, fans are just as excited. Over on Reddit, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans reacted to the news and they are buzzing.

“‘She will play the wife of a new antagonist,'” one user quoted from the article posted. “Oh dear — that’s Elliot’s fetish.” Fair point. He has hooked up with or tried to get close to both of his enemies’ significant others. Is that something Stabler just does now?

“That’s literally the first thing I noticed. Like oh no. Here we go again,” a reply responded. A third user chimed in as well. “I think they should just turn that into a running gag. Stabler gets a little too close to the wife of one of the antagonists for that arc.”

Another user replied, “Ilene and Jennifer reuniting, love to see it!”

So, Law & Order: Organized Crime has a new recurring actress and character. This installment of the season is going to be very interesting. Is Stabler ready for this next foe?

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Going Back to Marcy Killers

With Beals’ new character coming to Law & Order: Organized Crime, fans are going to get another visit back to the early part of the season. Preston AKA Bubba was introduced in episode one. However, he has been in the background since then.

Now, it appears that he is rising as the next challenger for Stabler and his unit to take down. They were able to bust the Kosta Organization. Will this be another mission like that? Stabler might have his hands full with this next enemy, but that makes it even more interesting.

After seeing Stabler interact with Flutera Briscu and Angela Wheatley, it is safe to assume he might get close with Beals’ character. Law & Order: Organized Crime isn’t afraid to lean into the “zaddy” aesthetic that fans have put onto Chris Meloni and his character. What’s next for this detective and his story this season?