‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Have an ‘Unpopular Opinion’ on Stabler’s Beard

by Jonathan Howard

Not only is this season of Law & Order: Organized Crime full of new twists and turns, Elliott Stabler is also rocking a beard. The undercover detective is in with the Albanians and his new look has fans split.

Ever since photos came out from the set of the show, fans have been debating whether the facial hair is a good or bad thing. For these users on Reddit, the new beard is working. With so much talk about Stabler being a “zaddy” this year, this is just another one to add to the tally.

The fan, u/Willing_Dance4269 had an “unpopular opinion” that might not be so unpopular.

“Unpopular opinion… Stabler’s new look…” the post title read. “I like it so much better [than] clean shaven. I never thought he was THAT attractive until the beard.” The upvotes and replies have us thinking that this isn’t such an unpopular take.

With 80% upvotes and a bunch of replies, this gave a small sample size to observe. There were a variety of takes from other users. They fluctuated between disliking the beard, liking it, and most of all, liking Stabler.

“I don’t mind his new look at all. It’s just funny to me because he was such a dad-type during SVU 1.0 and now he’s alternating between European fashion and rugged,” TheNewEnnui said.

Another user said, “I like both. I just have a hard time taking him seriously [with] the beard [because] its the same beard as the one he has in the Wet Hot American Summer movie, prequel & sequel shows. He’s still incredibly attractive tho.”

While the Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are divided over the beard, they are united in their love for Stabler and Chris Meloni in general.

Stabler Still Undercover in Law & Order: Organized Crime

As fans know, Elliott Stabler and his beard are still undercover with the Albanian gang led by Jon Kosta. Kosta and his organization have their hands in a lot of criminal activity. Already, Stabler has been pushed and questioned by those in the organization.

However, despite being drugged and his extracurricular activities in the bedroom, Stabler has remained undercover. Fans are speculating every week about what is next. As Stabler crosses paths with old friends and colleagues, will he be found out?

Fans have a lot of questions about this season and a lot of theories as well. One fan over on Reddit thinks there may be another undercover in the Kosta gang. “I’m convinced there’s another UC in the Albanian mix. I could be wrong but perhaps someone from an overseas investigation mixed in to follow the sex trafficking ring. Thoughts?”

While that is interesting viewers will have to wait as the season of Law & Order: Organized Crime continues this fall.