‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Want This Former Storyline Back

by Joe Rutland

When watching Law & Order: Organized Crime, there are a lot of storylines that draw fans’ interest. They want this former one back now.

We will see which one this is but you might want to know that the show, starring Chris Meloni, is on hiatus. That’s right. With the Winter Olympics starting up in the first week of February, the Dick Wolf-created show is taking some time off.

Still, these fans want a storyline back that has been part of the show. A thread on Reddit brings this to light for us. The title is “I Kinda miss the Kosta story line [sic].” If you recall on Law & Order: Organized Crime, then we saw Elliot Stabler, played by Meloni, go undercover to get down to the bottom of a crime ring.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fan Says Kosta Storyline ‘Had Me Intrigued’

This Redditor writes: “Every episode had me intrigued and on edge and I couldn’t wait to see the next episode. I like the current story line [sic] too but I loved the first 3rd of this season it had me glued. I don’t think this season needs 24 episodes because it could be great with half of that but so far I’m liking this 2nd season better than the first.”

One Law & Order: Organized Crime fan agrees, writing: “I agreed. The kosta story line was the best tv show plot I’ve ever watched. The episodes made me feel like I was a part of their family!”

Then, this fan replies to the main theme: “The Kosta storyline was tight and rooted in reality. The Wheatley arc doesn’t feel the same – the pacing is off, some of the plot lines are ridiculous (Wheatley + FBI), there are plot holes. and all the love in the world for Dylan McDermott but he looks like a comic book villain. The leather trench coat channels a menacing Inspector Gadget. My guess is that the next arc feels more like Kosta. I also wonder what will be woven through the next arc that sets up S3.”

Redditor Says That Wheatley Character Was ‘Never Really Humanized’

Another Law & Order: Organized Crime fan replies in this manner: “Agree. Wheatley was never really humanized. Even though we saw his family and ‘weaknesses’ exposed you never got the sense he was a real person. Came across as a caricature. From his home to the advanced technology to his dialogue it was all just over the top and movie-villain like. The Kosta crew, on the other hand, were all very human. Fleshed out and real. Warts, bumps and all.”

It seems these fans are not fans of the Richard Wheatley character at all. The actor is taking his talents over to another Wolf show, FBI: Most Wanted, on CBS.