‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Weigh on on the ‘Last Person’ They Would Cross from the Show

by John Jamison
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Most of us are happy to leave the work of taking down the Albanian mob from the inside to Elliot Stabler and his undercover Eddie Wagner persona. He’s finally ready to do precisely that on the latest episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime. But the NYPD’s efforts only managed to bring down the lower-ranking members of Jon Kosta’s crew. It has fans wondering. Which of the Albanian gang leaders would they least want to throw down with on the show?

After a week-long hiatus, Law & Order: Organized Crime returned on Thursday night with some intense revelations. Stabler revealed himself as an undercover cop to a captured Reggie. And a grand jury finally signed off on a warrant to arrest those involved with the Kosta organization.

Unfortunately, the three big bads escaped. Now, fans have taken to social media to discuss whether Albi, Flutura, or Jon Kosta himself would be the worst of the bunch to betray.

We’d rather stay out of all three’s way, but some of the brave Law & Order: Organized Crime fans on Twitter didn’t hesitate to chime in.

Flutura proved a popular choice. After all, she could be considered the mastermind of the whole organization.

Then again, it takes a specific type of brutality to run a criminal organization from the top. Jon Kosta’s tendency to cut out tongues should definitely factor into this decision.

Richard Wheatley’s Long Anticipated Return to ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

True to his word, Dick Wolf has delivered a completely different narrative to begin Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime. While the lack of Richard Wheatley annoyed some fans initially, one of the season’s arcs was always going to dive back into his situation. Now that Chris Meloni’s Elliot Stabler appears to be finishing up with the Albanians, Dylan McDermott’s Richard Wheatley can enter the picture again.

McDermott himself has been highly anticipating his character’s return.

“I promise…it will be worth the wait,” McDermott wrote in another tweet. And we don’t doubt it. The show’s three-act season structure has teased eight-episode storylines. That means fans and Stabler alike can expect to spend plenty of time with the treacherous Wheatley character when he comes back in December.