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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: How Will Denis Leary Cast Addition Impact Plot?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Denis Leary has been cast on “Law & Order: Organized Crime” as NYPD officer Frank Donelly, and we’re definitely wondering what his interactions with Stabler will be like. Will Leary make his appearance permanent? And what does this mean for the plot?

Right now, we haven’t had a new episode since January 20, and we likely won’t have one until the Olympics end in late February. As for the new addition, another cop on the team could mean we’re getting a new recurring character, or we’re losing someone by the end of the season. There have been some shake-ups in the cast recently. Dylan McDermott has been cast as the lead on “FBI: Most Wanted,” most notably. Jennifer Beals is also joining the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” cast as drug kingpin Preston Webb’s wife.

Now, it’s possible that Leary’s character isn’t joining Stabler’s unit, and is just crossing paths with Stabler and Bell. Two possibilities: he’s helping, or hindering them. He could be a helpful influence, or he could be a total nuisance. We don’t know enough about his character to make any judgement calls yet. We can only speculate, and wait for “Organized Crime” to return and kick off this new arc.

Dick Wolf previously shared his vision for “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” According to CinemaBlend, the season is split into three arcs: the first arc was similar to “The Godfather,” the second arc to “American Gangster,” and the third to “Scarface.” So, from that, we can imagine maybe Leary’s character is from Narcotics, helping out Organized Crime. It’s a little obvious, but it’s possible.

‘Law & Order’ Fans Want One Storyline Back on ‘Organized Crime’

In the beginning of season 2, we saw Elliot Stabler undercover with the Kosta family; he nearly got himself killed doing it, too. Now, fans are wanting that storyline back, but will they get anything similar again?

In a Reddit thread titled “I Kinda miss the Kosta story line,” fans discussed what they wanted to see in the later part of “Organized Crime.” The original post reads, “Every episode had me intrigued and on edge and I couldn’t wait to see the next episode. I like the current story line [sic] too but I loved the first 3rd of this season it had me glued. I don’t think this season needs 24 episodes because it could be great with half of that but so far I’m liking this 2nd season better than the first.”

Another fan agreed, and aired their grievances for the Wheatley arc. “The Kosta storyline was tight and rooted in reality,” they wrote. “The Wheatley arc doesn’t feel the same – the pacing is off, some of the plot lines are ridiculous (Wheatley + FBI), there are plot holes. and all the love in the world for Dylan McDermott but he looks like a comic book villain. The leather trench coat channels a menacing Inspector Gadget. My guess is that the next arc feels more like Kosta. I also wonder what will be woven through the next arc that sets up S3.”