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Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Kosta Organization Escapes Arrest in Dramatic Episode 7

by Suzanne Halliburton
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Finally, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans. A member of the Kosta organization found out that mobster Eddie Wagner was really an undercover cop.

Reggie came face to face with Eddie, who we all know as Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni). But in hindsight, everyone should’ve been far more worried about Reggie’s mother.

As Law & Order: Organized Crime opened, there was Stabler, dressed in a suit, looking nothing like Reggie’s friend, Eddie, Stabler’s alter ego who worked with the Kosta Organization.

Reggie was so mad that he flipped the table in the interrogation room, screaming about the betrayal. “You’re my ride or die, you’re a liar,” Reggie screamed. “You’re a cop.”

But Stabler flipped the argument back on Reggie, who was in custody because he murdered the wife of a candidate running for governor.

“At least I didn’t sell you out like your family,” Stabler told him. “Even you knew, you couldn’t do it. Suicide by cop, that’s what they want. You might be part of the family, but you were a problem for the family.”

It’s Going Down on Law & Order: Organized Crime… Kosta Family Indicted

Then the grand jury called by Law & Order: Organized Crime started hearing testimony. That’s why Stabler was wearing a suit. Meanwhile, Bell found Reggie’s mother, Agnes, who is Albi Briscu’s sister. Brewster promised Reggie and Agnes they both could go into witness protection. So they agreed to testify.

But here’s where it got very real. Reggie offered testimony about his uncle. Meanwhile, as Agnes was readying for written testimony, one of the prosecutors excused herself. That’s when Agnes handed the court reporter a note. She’d give her $50,000 if she’d go to Albi’s gym and give him a message.

The court reporter handed a note to Albi, who was with Kosta. The note, written in Albanian, said Reggie broke the “besa” code, “they are coming.” The woman said she didn’t know much, other than there was a grand jury. Albi thanked the court reporter and handed her $55,000. He then shot her in the back as she turned to leave.

Kosta was so focused on vengeance he didn’t even care about the woman’s body. “Just leave it. They already have a grand jury. We don’t have a lot of time.”

The grand jury issued provisional indictments for all the Kosta Organization. Reggie apologized to his mother for breaking “besa.” She says, “I didn’t.” Although she heard the audio in which Kosta ordered Eddie to kill Reggie and bring back a body part, Agnes still stayed true to the family.

NYPD raided the diner, looking for the Kosta mobsters to serve the arrest warrants. Then the cops couldn’t find Kosta at his home.

Bell and Stabler got to Briscu’s house. They found partially packed suitcases on the bed. But no Briscus, no Albi, no Flutera.

“They knew we were coming. How in the hell is that possible,” Bell says, as she calls for additional units.

Jett had been monitoring the phones of Kosta and Albi. She told Stabler they’d been in the same place for about an hour.

So Stabler and Bell head to Albi’s gym. It’s “eerily quiet.” Stabler sees Eddie’s real son and screams “what the hell are you doing.”

But as Stabler walks towards the door, the gym blows up. Hang on, Law & Order: Organized Crime fans, this is far from over.