‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Meet Ainsley Seiger, Actor Behind Detective Jet Slootmaekers

by Jacklyn Krol

Meet Law & Order: Organized Crime star Ainsley Seiger.

The 22-year-old actress recently graduated from UNC School of the Arts. She managed to land her first gig, Law & Order, just months after graduation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She portrays Detective Jet Slootmaekers, a technology expert for the NYPD on the show.

Seiger told The News & Observer that she believed she was going to start her career in musical theater in New York City. She grew up loving music as her mother was an opera singer and voice teacher and her father is a local Cary master bench jeweler. During her time in school, she explored acting, singing, and dance.

Last year, she was attending college virtually when she decided to send in an audition tape for the role.

“I did two scenes from the show and I sent it in, and then the carpet just kind of unrolled before me and I was in New York,” she recalled. Seiger added that being thrust into such an established and beloved franchise was “overwhelming in a positive way.”

She said that the feelings she has for the fanbase is “impossible to put it into words. I’m so, so grateful.”

Seiger said that she is doing her best not to take the admiration from fans for granted. She noted that a newcomer being so welcomed doesn’t happen often in the entertainment industry.

‘And it’s so easy to be mean to people on the internet, so the fact that people would be nice to me instead is astounding,” she added.

Ainsley Seiger on Her ‘Law & Order’ Character

Law & Order is known for creating characters that fans can relate to- even Seiger! She described her favorite aspect about her character as being a “lone wolf who has been thrust into this very team-playery role.”

“I don’t think she knows how to navigate that,” Seiger admitted. “I think she’s figuring that out as we go on. She’s very smart and very good at her job.”

Seiger revealed that she did not give her character a backstory. She plans to find Slootmaekers’ story as she goes along portraying her naturally.

“The primary part of her that I connect with the most is this, not antisocial behavior, but, I would much rather be alone in my apartment than surrounded by people,” Seiger shared. “I’m very much a homebody, even before everything with COVID happened. I don’t leave my apartment very much.”

Although she can relate to her personality, Seiger is not tech-savvy. Her extent of computer knowledge is Google.