‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Shows Off Clip From Season One Wrap Day

by John Jamison

The first season of the newest offering from the “Law & Order” universe, “Organized Crime,” comes to an end tonight. Fans of the Dick Wolf-produced procedurals have plenty to look forward to, considering the “Law & Order: SVU” Season 22 finale airs immediately beforehand.

The shows have plenty in common. But their biggest overlap comes in the form of Chris Meloni’s Elliot Stabler. The “Organized Crime” star returned to “SVU” for a multiple-episode arc after a decade-long hiatus from the classic show. Recently, he reprised his role as Elliot Stabler for “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” And he couldn’t look happier. The Wolf Entertainment Instagram account posted a video of Chris Meloni as he wrapped up the first season of filming.

“O.C. First season. That’s a wrap. Thanks for watching,” Meloni said in the video.

The “Law & Order” star is fitted in his patented NYPD blue suit. It looks like nothing’s changed since 1999 when he first appeared on “SVU.” Alright, maybe a few extra wrinkles. But that only means the man knows what he’s doing.

Also featured in the clip are the cast members who play the Stabler family children. From left to right, there’s Elliot Stabler Jr., Elizabeth, Kathleen, Maureen, and Richard. Needless to say, dedicated fans are excited to see the whole family together.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Weigh In on the Show Ahead of Season Finale

Ahead of the Season 1 “Organized Crime” and the Season 22 “SVU” finales, fans can hardly contain themselves. Many shared their thoughts on the Wolf Entertainment Instagram post.

“I’m so happy this is coming back for season 2. The way it plays out, the writing, the acting. It’s one of my favorite shows!!,” one excited fan wrote.

“Can’t wait to watch the season finale tonight! I love the show. Nice to have Elliot back!!,” another ‘Law & Order’ viewer commented.

“I love that the Stabler children are part of the show!,” someone else replied.

“Can’t wait for tonight…. so nervous… that’s a good thing. Means you’re all in..!!!,” an anxious fan observed.

The Future of Elliot Stabler and the Show

As we know, the “Law & Order” universe is extensive. There have been at least six different versions of the show, all with a different focus. Some have been more short-lived than others.

But fans will be excited to know that not only is “Organized Crime” coming back for a second season, Chris Meloni is also signed on to continue playing Elliot Stabler. As for “SVU,” that got renewed as well and will be returning for season 23.