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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Picture of Chris Meloni Doing Split Draws Hilarious Reaction from Co-Star

by John Jamison
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Hollywood Foreign Press Association)

Is “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star Christopher Meloni preparing his body for the 2024 Paris Olympics? If the USA gymnastics team needs an alternate, the 60-year old might be able to help. All jokes aside, it’s actually mind-blowing how shredded—and limber—the Elliot Stabler actor is for his age. His co-star couldn’t believe the literal spread he did for Men’s Health magazine recently.

Danielle Moné Truitt is new to the “Law & Order” universe. She plays the partner of Christopher Meloni’s character, Ayanna Bell. Together, Bell and Stabler lead the Organized Crime Control Bureau of the NYPD in its pursuit of taking down the likes of criminals like Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott).

And if Truitt had any doubt that Christopher Meloni could actually do his character’s job in real life, it was put to rest when she saw the 60-year old doing what might as well be the full splits.

The two co-stars went back and forth on Twitter as a result of Truitt’s encouragement. The “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star bragged about how he’s never pulled a groin on the job. And with physical evidence impressive as this, the bragging is easily justified.

Twitter Goes Crazy in Response to Danielle Truitt’s Post

The internet is simple. See an aging Elliot Stabler looking like he’d give Bruce Lee a run for his money, leave a comment. His co-star calling attention to it only opened the floodgates.

“Confirm or deny – the man knows what he does to us and loves every minute of it?” an admiring Twitter user wrote.

“I about fell out of my chair when I came across these!! And then realized I need to step my stretching game up. Significantly. I think I pulled a muscle just looking at this!” another added.

“Has anyone seen his birth certificate? Can we confirm he IS actually sixty? Lol” another contributed.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Didn’t See This Attention Coming

The “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star works hard to pull off a move like the splits he’s doing in Men’s Health. And if the flexibility isn’t impressive enough, the rest of the magazine’s spread will surely not disappoint. At 60, Meloni is posing naked on the cover of a fitness publication. The best part is he’s sending the internet into a frenzy by doing so.

Of course, Meloni is a well-established, somewhat recognizable figure to begin with. But like a fine wine, his true potential comes with the proper age, much to his surprise.

“It’s cool as sh*t. The aspect of age comes into play as far as the cover of [this magazine] and how I feel about it,” Meloni told the magazine. “A friend of mine said, ‘Did you ever think in a million years you’d be on the cover of Men’s Health?’ I said, ‘Certainly not at age 60.'”