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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Reggie Actor Dash Mihok Has Previously Appeared in the ‘Law & Order’ Universe

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime have taken to actor Dash Mihok for his role as Reggie in the Albania Kosta Organization. Elliot Stabler got close to Reggie while undercover. Now, as the show pivots to a new story arc, fans are hoping to see more of Mihok.

Believe it or not, Reggie isn’t the first character that Mihok has portrayed. In fact, the actor has now been featured in the L&O universe in three different shows and as four different characters. While he is known for his role on Ray Donovan, he has quite the resume just in Dick Wolf shows.

His role as Reggie Bogdani is by far his longest. His other roles in the past have been one-off characters, for the most part. Let’s go all the way back to 1995 when Mihok appeared on the original Law & Order. As Ethan Quinn, the actor played a small part in the episode titled Performance.

Then 14 years late in 2009, Mihok made another appearance on the show. He played a firefighter named Walters. There was a brutal murder involved with this one. Titled All New, the episode originally aired on May 6, 2009.

His next appearance in the Dick Wolf law enforcement universe was on Criminal Intent. Just about a year after his appearance in 2009, he appeared on the spinoff in 2010. His character was Damon Kerrigan in Love Sick. So, he has had experience in this type of work before.

However, his latest performance as Reggie on Law & Order: Organized Crime is by far the most impressive. Fans fell in love, begrudgingly with the actor and his character. Despite obvious flaws with the Albanian gangster, viewers couldn’t help but grow attached to the murderer.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Feel ‘Compassion’ for Reggie

Look, we know that Reggie is a killer. Although he was supposed to put out a political hit, he was unable to find his target. Instead, he killed the target’s wife. So, facing many years in prison, he decided to turn on the Kosta Organization. The gangster is going to have to go into witness protection. Now Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are wondering why they feel bad for the character.

Perhaps it is Mihok’s excellent acting skills? Or, the fact that many characters on Law & Order have flaws. Pros and cons. Even the good guys have some bad tendencies every now and then. Whatever the reason is, the viewers at Reddit are not ready to let go of Reggie. It would be very interesting for him to come back to the witness protection program, maybe for just one or two episodes.

Over the years, Mihok has performed in so many roles. His time on Law & Order: Organized Crime is going to be remembered for some time. While his other characters were just fine, this one won over the hearts of the fans. A great 8 episode performance from the actor.