‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 2 Episode 2: Full Recap

by Jonathan Howard

Wow, two hours of Law & Order: Organized Crime tonight and fans have had quite the viewing experience. SVU got things started and Elliot Stabler finished things off. It was emotional, filled with drama, and there was plenty of action. Ellen Burstyn made her debut for the season. Let’s get into the episode.

Things get started with a bang. Literally. Stabler is undercover with the Albanians and as he leaves a building with his boss, Reggie Bogdani, the place blows up behind them. It’s just a real action movie moment with two guys walking away as a huge fireball blows up behind them. This was an effort to cover up a crime scene. Guess what, the Italian cartel is involved.

The best part about that explosion? The whole thing was real! While the windows were replaced with prop windows, the explosion really did blow them out. The SFX crew really outdid themselves and had to handle dealing with a real fire.

Then, Stabler finds himself indirectly causing the death of a bagel shop owner. The man was in debt to Albi, Reggie’s uncle. The undercover detective is almost spotted, however, an Italian hit keeps him from having his cover blown. Talk about happenstance.

There is no telling who or what lurks around the corner for Stabler as he works undercover. His family could also be in danger.

Ellen Burstyn Returns as Stabler’s Mom in ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

We got to see a return of Bernadette Stabler. Ellen Burstyn always puts together a rousing performance on Law & Order. Things are going great for the elder Stabler. While she enjoys a day out in Central Park, she disassociates. After hitting a child, she was arrested and taken to jail. Soon, she was reunited with her son.

After a short time with her son and grandchildren, the family makes a decision. They decide that she is going to say with them for a while. The moment was powerful. So, get ready for the tears.

Elliot Stabler Finds Friends When He Needs Them

When undercover, you have to do whatever it takes to not blow the cover. For Elliot Stabler, that means doing absolutely anything. Having to do drugs or do out-of-character things, is not uncommon. At one point, during a meeting with the Italians, he brings out a rocket launcher.

Unfortunately, Stabler found himself drugged later after a woman sprays something in his mouth and then follows that with her tongue. While he didn’t blow his cover, he did something many men have done in the past.

Once he made his way out of the previous situation, he made his way to none other than Olivia Benson’s house. He starts to ramble and confess.

“We never talked about what happened,” he says. Benson thinks it is in reference to the Navarro case from earlier in the night. “Not Navarro. Us.” WOW.

All of a sudden, Benson is trying to change the subject. It gets awkward fast once Stabler admits he didn’t write the letter. By the time the night was over, Stabler was staying the night at Sgt. Bell’s place.

Bell has her own issues, dealing with her nephew’s attack and the aftermath of that. There was just a small settlement offered by NYPD. After meeting with Congressman Kilbride, it appears she might have a future in politics.

Extra Notes from ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

One of the coolest moments had to be the confession booth in the church with Bell. That is when she offers to pull him out of the operation, but he declines. While he seems to be going through a tough situation early, he is dedicated to the investigation.

During his wild night, Stabler flirted with the Flutura, Albi’s wife. That ended in Stabler discovering Albi was gay which almost got him killed. However, the detective lived and maintained his undercover position.

This was a crazy two hours of Law & Order: Organized Crime and was preceded by an hour of SVU. Three hours of drama and action were capped off with Stabler collapsing in the arms of his former partner and then ending up on his new partner’s couch. Going to be a wild season.