‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season Finale: Did the Rookie Show Live Up to its Promises?

by Madison Miller

Piggybacking off the success and viewers of the longtime series “Law & Order: SVU,” the new rookie series “Law & Order: Organized Crime” had some big shoes to fill.

So far, the new series has been performing well, according to ratings and viewership.

Series Popularity

The Hollywood Reporter generated a list of some of the top-performing first-year shows that survived and generated decent traction. “Law & Order: Organized Crime” is No. 2 behind “The Equalizer.” The show started off in April 2021 and had an average of 8.35 million viewers and a 1.7 rating overall. It is the seventh series within the “Law & Order” umbrella.

After a highly successful season so far, how did the season finale measure up to the expectations of the fans?

The finale of the show was on Thursday, June 3. Prior to the season finale, the stars of the show teased a “super big cliffhanger” that would draw people in for a second season.

Ending with a Strong Beginning

The show took on an entirely new way of going about solving crime. Instead of those episode-by-episode plot lines, “Law & Order: Organized Crime” would have a season-long investigation. With this kind of format, the season finale could be even more epic than other “Law & Order” finales.

The episode starts with the Wheatleys getting arraigned. Richard had his charges read as the Stablers watched on. He is charged with the murder of Kathy Stabler. It is now also revealed that Richard’s father killed his grandfather. Eventually, this causes Richie to put a hit order on his own father.

Angela Wheatley is showering in a hotel bathroom under police watch after all this went down. Suddenly, she begins foaming at the mouth and her eyeballs roll back in her head. She doesn’t die, miraculously, but is certainly not in 100% shape after that episode. It turns out that the shampoo and conditioner have poison in them.

Some positive developments in the episode include Stabler working to improve his overall mental health. He is talking to a post-traumatic stress disorder therapist to talk through some of his trauma. However, the episode certainly did deliver on some drama and death like it originally promised.

The Feds begin to gain an interest in Wheatley. They move him from the facility he’s currently at into somewhere else. That hitman that Richie hired suddenly goes into effect at the perfect moment. Stabler swoops in and shoots the hitman before he kills Wheatley. He’s got quite the timing, as per usual.

The Finale of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

The team continues to deliver Wheatley to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Luckily, the NYPD shows up for a little dual team effort, with Captain Olivia Benson along for the journey. It is a moment of solidarity as Wheatley goes into custody. Unfortunately, a grim moment causes some hearts to sink. Bell thanks Olivia for showing up and calls her “Liv.” Wheatley hears and figures out that she is the former partner of Stabler. He gives a stomach-dropping evil grin and viewers know that there’s some serious drama, maybe even death, in the near future.

Richard is placed in his cell, but there’s a contraband phone waiting for him. He calls his wife and tells her to go into his wine lair and release a distress signal to Olivia. He then lures her into the hospital where Angela is in treatment for that poisonous shampoo and conditioner episode. This is when we discover that Morales is the mole after all and received a paycheck from Wheatley to shoot Ayana. He also injected Angela with something lethal.

Bell shoots him twice in the chest, swiftly and firmly, before he is able to shoot Ayana. Angela is nearby slowly dying when Stabler calls out for help. All-in-all, the season finale was action-packed with some answers finally revealed after a season of wonder. The fate of several characters is up in the air.

We also know that Richard Wheatley is still able to call shots even from inside a cell. So, who knows what else is in store for that second season. The second season may start sometime in the Fall of 2021, however, that’s just speculation.