‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Hilariously Calls Out Costar Chris Meloni

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ouch. Ainsley Seiger went there with Christopher Meloni. But we know it’s all in good fun with these Law & Order: Organized Crime castmates.

It seems that Seiger, who plays a hacking expert on Law & Order: Organized Crime, took a couple of playful shots at Meloni, the show’s undisputed star, during a press gathering last week.

Someone tweeted the video. Then Meloni quote tweeted the comments with a non-smiley emoticon.

What did Seiger (as Sloot) say? “My favorite thing about filming right now is that Chris is super jealous of my hair and that I’m young and beautiful.”

Seiger does have fabulous long locks. And she’s young. Try 23. Law & Order: Organized Crime is her first TV role and the best thing on her acting resume. Meanwhile, the 60-year-old Meloni rocks a shaved head. His hairline gradually has receded through the years. And when he started on Law & Order: SVU, Seiger still was in diapers. Now, that’s some context.

But like we said, this is all in good fun. Members of the Law & Order: Organized Crime cast like to tease each other. Plus, it all promotes the show, which is in its first full year of episodes after an abbreviated season one last spring.

And, Law & Order: Organized Crime is returning from its Winter Olympics hiatus this Thursday. The episode is called “As Hubris Is to Oedipus.” It looks to be a blast. Literally. Here’s the plot tease from NBC: “the task force must race to save lives when Wheatley and McClane’s digital takeover shifts to a series of real-life bomb threats.” 

Law & Order: Organized Crime is at the height of its eight-episode story arc with Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott). The last new episode ran Jan. 20 and it was just wrong of NBC to let the fans wait weeks for another glimpse of Elliot Stabler and Wheatley, et al.

What happened? Everything. Basically, Stabler offered up his badge at the end of Law & Order: Organized Crime. A psychologist was trying to figure out if Stabler is too obsessed with Wheatley (he kind of is). So Stabler said to give him two days and he’d prove that Wheatley is trying to take down the American financial markets. Wheatley already stole $700 million, thanks to the hack of a federal financial warehouse he orchestrated with Sebastian McClane, aka Constantine.

Stabler already had fought with Wheatley in an elevator as he head-butted him in the face. The two alphas taunted each other throughout the fight. And the skirmish was prompted by Sloot’s discovery. After all, Sloot broke Wheatley’s hacking code by using the death date of Stabler’s wife, Kathy.

Earlier in the Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, Maldonado and Cho were doing surveillance on Angela Wheatley’s apartment. Stabler also planted a laptop, knowing that Wheatley would break into it. Wheatley did. He discovered a photo of a shirtless Stabler on his ex-wife’s laptop and assumed a whole lot of stuff.

Now, going back to the original topic of Seiger having better hair than Meloni. As Meloni’s fans pointed out on Twitter, Meloni has better abs.

If you want to catch up on Law & Order: Organized Crime before Thursday, check out the Outsider recap of the last new episode.