‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Talks What’s Next for Wheatley and McClane

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ainsley Seiger knows all about the upcoming antics of two devious Law & Order: Organized Crime characters. So Jet, do tell.

The 23-year-old Seiger plays Detective Jet Slootmaekers on Law & Order: Organized Crime. But she goes by Jet, a much simpler nickname. It better fits her character since she’s a genius at cracking complicated computer codes. And because of the ongoing storyline with Richard Wheatley, Jet’s role is more prominent. We all know Wheatley would prefer Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) be dead and in the ground. But Wheatley’s story took a different turn when he busted super hacker McClane out of prison to help him exact his revenge. Now, the two of them hacked their way into a federal financial warehouse and gathered information to steal $700 million.

“I’m excited for (the story arc) to come to a close,” Seiger told TV Insider. “I’m excited for the way that it comes to a close, as a somewhat vindictive person. (And) I’m excited for this storyline to wrap up because I’m looking forward to seeing the ways that Elliot can grow past this destructive arch-nemesis situation. (And) I’m excited to see him finally be able to break free of that ’cause we have known Richard Wheatley since the first episode of Season 1. He’s always been a part of our world somehow. So for him to no longer be in the picture, the sun will shine on the task force that day.”

Seiger didn’t offer any details as to how the story arc will end. We know that Dylan McDermott (Wheatley) is headed to FBI: Most Wanted, so it’s hard to see him continuing on Law & Order: Organized Crime. So it sounds like whatever happens to Wheatley won’t linger into the season’s third story arc about the Marcy Killers crime organization.

Hippolyte Petit/WireImage

Finally! Law & Order: Organized Crime Returns with New Episode

Law & Order: Organized Crime is returning from its month-long Winter Olympics hiatus this Thursday. The episode features a fancy title: “As Hubris Is to Oedipus.” Here’s the plot summary from NBC: “the task force must race to save lives when Wheatley and McClane’s digital takeover shifts to a series of real-life bomb threats.” 

Seiger did offer the fact that Jet loves the McClane/Constantine character. He is a celebrated hacker on the dark web. And someone like Jet would idolize him.

“For her, through work, to actually be learning a little bit more about the intricacies of who this person is is really fascinating,” Seiger said. ” Because I think Jet functions in a very black and white world morally.

“As this arc goes on, she’s realizing that McClane may be more of a gray area that she’s not as familiar with and it’ll be fun for people — at least I hope because it was for me to read about how his storyline wraps up. ‘Cause I do have a lot of love for his character. [His and Wheatley’s] team up is reluctant at best.”

From the last Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, we know that McClane kept the receipts on Wheatley. He may be turning all that over to Stabler and the others in the task force. And, this next episode should be a fast-moving one. After all, Stabler said he wants two more days to prove what Wheatley did. Or else, he’ll offer his badge.