‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Christopher Meloni Has Perfect Response to Fan Saying He Looks Like ‘Drug Lord’ in Pic With Mariska Hargitay

by John Jamison

Is Detective Elliot Stabler undercover? Or has he decided to embrace the criminal underworld after years of working against it? “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star Christopher Meloni hilariously addressed a photo of himself and “Law & Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay on Twitter.

The picture depicts Meloni seated with a large candle burning in front of him, flowers adorning the table, and Mariska Hargitay standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders. While Hargitay smiles, the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star keeps a stern look about him.

Of course, what really makes the photo is how blurry it is. It looks like a forgotten image from deep in the world of an international drug lord. And when a fan took it upon themselves to make that appropriate observation, Meloni owned up to it.

“Chris why do you look like a drug lord here,” the fan wrote.

“Because I’m sitting on a kilo,” Meloni said.

We can only hope that he’s joking and that he didn’t just confess to being the type of person that his longtime “Law & Order” character exists to take down. Meloni displays an intensity here that makes it almost believable.

And the irony is not lost on us. Elliot Stabler on “Law & Order: Organized Crime” is a man dead set on taking down the types of criminal organizations that would indeed be sitting on kilos of drugs. Though we will say, with how natural he looks in the photo, perhaps there’s a villainous role in Meloni’s future.

Could Christopher Meloni And Mariska Hargitay Reunite On ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Eventually?

Mariska Hargitay has appeared as Olivia Benson in nearly 500 episodes of “Law & Order: SVU” from 1999 to now. Christopher Meloni, who played Benson’s partner for years before taking a 10-year hiatus from the procedural universe, finally reunited with her recently on his former show.

The reunion has fans wondering, is it setting the stage for more to come? Based on interviews that Meloni has done, it seems clear that he doesn’t plan on returning to “Law & Order: SVU” for good. He only returned to the franchise based on the idea that “Law & Order: Organized Crime” would be different.

“I liked the idea of a recognizable character in an unrecognizable landscape. The [NYPD] environment has changed, as has Stabler’s place in it. He has to grapple with and evolve on lots of issues,” Meloni said.

But that doesn’t preclude the possibility of Hargitay’s Olivia Benson being featured on Meloni’s new show. In what capacity is anyone’s guess. The interconnectedness of the “Law & Order” universe has provided fans with crossover action before. So we’ll have to wait and see how much involvement Stabler and Benson will have in the other’s world.