‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Danielle Moné Truitt Says Missing Her Child’s Birthday Is Not an Option

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: Organized Crime star Danielle Moné Truitt says that missing her child’s birthday is not an option in a new Instagram post. The actress plays NYPD Sergeant Ayanna Bell on the hit series, and while she has a very busy schedule, she does everything she can to balance work and family.

The new photo finds her masked up on the plane.

“Working Mama Life! Flew to Sacramento yesterday and threw my baby a birthday bash,” she wrote in a post. “Now I’m back on this plane headed back to NYC for work. Not seeing my kids on their birthdays is NOT an option for me right now so I do what I gotta do! At least I’m flying Jet Blue!”

Fans and friends were quick to encourage her and commend her for the hard work.

“Keeping that balance is so hard. I’m so proud of you. I KNOW it ain’t no joke. I also know it fuels you to be able to do it. Good job super star mommy,” one person wrote.

“Safe travels super mom,” another fan commented.

Truitt Shared Adorable Photos From the Party

On top of posting about her travels home, the Law & Order: Organized Crime star also shared some adorable photos from the actual birthday party.

“Roro partied ALL DAY! LOL Thank you to all my family and friends in Sacramento that joined us at Rockin’ Jump for some fun!” she wrote.

While it can’t be fun to jump on a long flight twice in very little time, this celebration was definitely worth it.

The actress is currently filming the second season of Law & Order: Organized Crime. She co-stars with Christopher Meloni who plays the iconic Elliot Stabler. Stabler has been synonymous with crime shows since the early 2000s. Now, he has his own show with people like Ayanna Bell, who’s been great at leading the team.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Will Air Final Episode of the Year Soon

There’s still more filming that needs to get done, but Law & Order: Organized Crime will be entering a hiatus soon. With the final episode of 2021 being a Christmas-themed one. The next episode is also a crossover with Mariska Hargitay joining the cast. Hargitay plays Olivia Benson. Benson and Stabler worked together on Law & Order: SVU before Chris Meloni left the series.

Fans are hoping to see more developments in Benson and Stabler’s relationship. Considering it’s the mid-season finale, this episode won’t be one to miss. You can tune in to NBC Thursday night at 10/9 Central.