‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Tamara Taylor Opens Up About Angela’s Long Road to Recovery

by John Jamison
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Angela Wheatley is not okay. And the bad news is that, in some respects, she’s getting worse. She has a long journey ahead of her if she wants to return to her former self. The problem is that Tamara Taylor’s Law & Order: Organized Crime character doesn’t have the luxury of time.

Taylor recently talked about how the show is handling Angela Wheatley’s recovery from the horrifying double poisoning she suffered at the conclusion of Season 1. It looks like Law & Order: Organized Crime is trying to be faithful to the actual effects of nerve agents on the body.

And yes, nerve agents are the kinds of things you’re likely to see in chemical warfare. Was Angela Wheatley an enemy combatant? Hardly, and even then, the use of nerve agents wouldn’t be appropriate. She is, however, the key witness to the murder of Kathy Stabler. That makes her dangerous to her ex-husband Richard Wheatley. Will she be recovered enough to offer solid testimony during the upcoming trial?

“It’s interesting because we explored delving into the truth of recovering from a nerve agent. Most people don’t. What can sometimes happen is you can get worse before you get better. What we’ll see leading up to the trial is that Angela almost seems worse than she did when Bell came to visit her, and she was doing a crossword,” Taylor told TV Insider.

How Much Worse Is ‘Worse’ for Angela Wheatley?

Well, Tamara Taylor’s character is alive. So that’s a good starting point. The problem is, true to a nerve agent’s effect on the brain, some of Angela’s symptoms have gotten worse.

“She’s using a cane, so there’s a difficulty walking. Certainly, her motor skills are not what they were. The memory is not quite back. Speech is a little more impaired than it was,” Taylor continued.

Memory and speech are two pretty important features of a credible witness. Even if her testimony is admitted, she’ll be subject to Barba’s expert cross-examination.

Angela’s Emotions Are Going to Make Things Even More Complicated on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

To make things worse, she’s in love with the person who has the most at stake during this trial. That’s right. Angela Wheatley’s emotions for Elliot Stabler don’t help things considering her seeming inadequacy as a witness.

Tamara Taylor explained where some of those feelings came from and why both of them would prefer not to have that emotional dynamic hanging over them during such a tense time.

“As they talk about grief can be a bonding thing, it’s not entirely surprising that they have this bizarre, messy connection. I think it’s inconvenient. I think it’s uncomfortable. (And) I think they’d both rather not have this strange, messy connection. And still, life is messy,” said Taylor.