‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Still Has Fans Freaking Out Over the Plot Twist No One Saw Coming

by Robert Davis

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are still freaking out over the Season 1 finale in which Sgt. Ayana Bell takes the life of Det. Diego Morales.

The episode, entitled “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown,” was tense. It opens with Wheatleys getting arraigned while the Stablers watched. As Richard heard his charges being read aloud in the courtroom, he was visibly surprised to learn his father had killed his grandfather. In turn, the young man put out a hit on his father.

Away from the courtroom, Angela Wheatley and her lawyer discovered that Morales had been talking to Capt. Olivia Benson. Soon thereafter, Angela goes to take a shower. But, she collapses and begins foaming at the mouth. Her lawyer and Freddie bust down the bathroom door and take Angela to the hospital. She survives, but is in rough shape.

Doctors determined that Angela had been poisoned through her shampoo and conditioner. It was revelaed that Freddie had ordered the products earlier but they were intercepted during delivery. At this point, the audience is left wondering who the culprit is. Freddie looks like a particularly interesting candidate.

Mental Health, Moles, and Organized Crime in the ‘Law & Order’ Spinoff Finale

According to TVLine, the episode contains a parallax storyline. Stabler begins seeing a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapist and addressing his mental health. While fans were certainly glad to see the salt-of-the-earth type detective address his challenges with mental health, Stabler would later need his newfound clarity to catch the real mole.

Stabler and his therapist discuss whether a few bad decisions he’s made in the past impact his ability to see that justice is carried out in the present. At the same time, a federal prosecutor named Vince Baldi (played by Josh Charles from The Good Wife) is zeroing-in on Wheatley.

The two sides coalesced at the jail where Wheatley was being held. Wheatley’s hitman eliminated Whealtey’s father and nearly killed Stabler, too. Had it not been for the quick, decisive actions of Det. Bell, it’s unclear whether Stabler would have made it out of the facility alive.

Eventually, the New York Police Department and the local U.S. Attorney’s Office made sure Wheatley stayed in custody. Wheatley, in turn, sang like a canary while under questioning and delivered the feds nearly all of his criminal contacts in exchange for leniency.

Once in his cell, Wheatley discovers a contraband cellphone under his mattress. It has a text message on it that reads “O. I’m in trouble. Can you please come meet me.” At this point, the real mole begins to be revealed.

Luring the Feds to the Hospital

In the final scene of the Law & Order: Organized Crime episode, Capt. Benson meets Stabler and Bell at the hospital. Benson spots one of Stabler’s detectives posing as an orderly, which sets off a series of events leading to Morales’ downfall.

The group confronts Morales in the hallway. He admits to injecting Angela with something (potentially) poisonous and taking over $2 million from Richard for the hit.

Morales said it was all done in an effort to protect his sister. Morales raises a gun to his head but doesn’t pull the trigger. Instead, he then points it at the group. Two shots were fired into Morales’ chest and he lay motionless on the floor as the episode ended.