‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Team Has Some Major Communication Issues

by Megan Molseed

With plenty of new characters entering the Law and Order: Organized Crime offices this season and one of Organized Crime’s lead detectives, Elliot Stabler, undercover, it’s no wonder that communications within the office seem to be breaking down all over the place. The second season of the popular NBC drama series is underway and isn’t disappointing.

In a post recently shared on the show’s official Twitter page, the breakdown in communication between the Organized Crime characters is incredibly apparent.

Each detective seems to be holding their own secrets…keeping pieces of information away from each other.

“This team could definitely work on their communication,” says the October 2 Twitter post.

In the Sunday afternoon post, the Twitter page includes a clip from the second episode of the show’s second season titled “New World Order” which aired on September 30.

In the fifty-six-second clip, no one in the room seems to be on the same page.

‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ Players Trying To Find The Same Page

On Thursday’s new Law and Order: Organized Crime episode, detective Stabler found his way back to the Organized Crime offices to reconnect with his partner, Ayanna Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt); as well as a couple of other agents.

Among these agents is Sergeant Bill Brewster, a new player this season.

Brewster, who is portrayed by Guillermo Diaz works with the Narcotics Task Force – he also has a history with Stabler’s current partner, Ayanna Bell.

During the reconnection, the group discusses threats they are each investigating; Elliot Stabler’s time undercover; and what the detective is doing to help bring down the criminals.

According to Brewster, a few of Elliot’s actions – and his non-action in reporting some information – led to a deadly hit.

A hit, Brewster says, that Elliot Stabler should not have only known about, but that he should have been able to report in time.

The Shocking Twist

Brewster is questioning Stabler’s work undercover. Stabler is arguing that even deep undercover, he is unable to predict each and every shocking crime.

Finally, Stabler’s partner, detective Ayanna Bell decides to try and keep the peace between the two. But then, even she is in for a shocking surprise.

Nova Riley, (Nona Parker-Johnson) a member of the show’s Marcy Killers gang that detective Ayanna Bell had tried to bring in to help take down the gang, was actually undercover all along.

Nova is actually Detective Carmen “Nova” Riley. Ayanna Bell and Elliot Stabler learn this when the young woman emerges from the office after their argument.

“What’s goin’ on? Tell me…now!” Bell asks Brewster as she catches sight of the undercover agent.

“She works for me,” Brewster tells her before the clip ends.

All of this on just the second episode of the new show’s second season. This could only mean the rest of the season is only going to get better!