‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Reveals Why Her Character is Still in Love with Elliott Stabler

by Suzanne Halliburton
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Yes, Richard Wheatley is returning to Law & Order: Organized Crime. And so is his ex-wife, who got a little too close to Elliot Stabler in season one.

Tamara Taylor returns to the show as Angela Wheatley. Will she and Stabler get steamy again? Let’s just say if Angela had a Facebook account, she’d write of her relationship status “it’s complicated.”

Taylor, who was a recurring character throughout season one of Law & Order: Organized Crime, sat down with TV Insider to discuss her role. In an interview published Thursday, she talked about a range of topics. She’s set to be in both crossover episodes, Dec. 9, when Law & Order: Organized Crime ends its month-long hiatus by kicking off its second story arc of the season.

And, her character’s relationship with Stabler was an obvious topic. After all, the two of them shared a kiss in the episode An Inferior Product. So what’s their current status?

“To say the least, a little bit messy,” Taylor said of Angela and Elliot. “She is reluctantly and surprisingly still in love with him, and people say, well, how did she fall for him so fast? And how could she fall for him if she thought that he was the one that had murdered her son?

“I think pretty early on in Season 1, she deduced that Stabler was not who she thought he was,” Taylor said. “As they talk about grief can be a bonding thing, it’s not entirely surprising that they have this bizarre, messy connection. I think it’s inconvenient. I think it’s uncomfortable. (And) I think they’d both rather not have this strange, messy connection. And still, life is messy.”

Stabler’s Status Always Is Complicated on Law & Order: Organized Crime

So, we can surmise that messy is the new it’s complicated. Christopher Meloni’s Stabler has a way with the ladies. In the first story arc of season two, he wooed Flutura Briscu (Lolita Davidovitch) as part of his undercover assignment investigating the Kosta Organization. Stabler initially thought that Flutura could give him info on her husband, Albi. Instead, he discovered that Flutura helped traffic young Albanian women to rich American men.

It’s definitely messy and complicated with Angela and Stabler because Angela gave the order to kill Stabler’s wife, Kathy. Angela believed that Stabler killed her son, so she ordered a hit on Kathy, who died as a result of a car bomb. See, it’s complicated. It got even more complex when Angela agreed to provide evidence against Wheatley, only to have her ex husband poison her. Get this, the poison was in Angela’s shampoo. She took a shower and very nearly died. Wheatley got to her again when Angela was in the hospital. But Stabler helped alert the doctors.

We know that Angela survived what her ex-husband did to her. After all, she made a brief appearance in the the season two Law & Order: Organized Crime premiere. But she’s in poor health. Maybe Stabler can help with that.