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‘Law & Order’ Producer Compares Quality Of New Show ‘Dark Woods’ to ‘SVU’ and ‘One Chicago’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images)

Wolf Entertainment’s dominance of network television continues. Their recent fictional podcast offering Dark Woods is getting a TV adaptation and will become the newest series in the long list of active Wolf programs. Executive producer Elliot Wolf talked about what fans of Law & Order and One Chicago can expect from the new show and why they’ll enjoy it.

It’s no small feat to go from an audio-based fiction series to a full-on television program. But knowing Wolf Entertainment’s track record, we have no doubt the production company can pull it off.

The Dark Woods podcast premiered on November 8, voiced primarily by Law & Order alum Corey Stoll, One Chicago alum Monica Raymund, and Veep star Reid Scott. It’s an exciting change of pace from Wolf Entertainment’s typical big city subject matter.

The podcast—and eventual show—follows the fallout of a body discovered in the California redwoods. The story unfolds as state park officials uncover several layers to a complex situation involving a large drug ring. It’s safe to say everything is not as it seems.

So why should Law & Order and One Chicago fans care? Well, executive producer Elliot Wolf says the series is in keeping with the strong tradition of storytelling that has characterized Wolf Entertainment since the early 1990s.

“It’s a little bit different than an episode of Law & Order, as an example, in the sense that it’s serialized. But at its core, we’re aiming for the same quality of storytelling. And at the end of the day, it’s a story that fans can immerse themselves in and will enjoy, whether it’d be for the two episodes that came out [first], or all eight,” Elliot Wolf told CinemaBlend.

The storytelling format puts Dark Woods closer to Organized Crime than SVU, and what’s wrong with that?

The New Show from the ‘Law & Order’ Production Company Promises to Be Great, But Don’t Sleep on the Podcast Either

We understand that the podcast format is not how everyone likes to consume their fiction. Wolf Entertainment has made a name for themselves in a completely different medium, after all. But hearing what Elliot Wolf had to say about the creative process may just convince you to give the podcast a try.

The goal was to create an immersive experience. So don’t make the mistake of thinking Dark Woods is equivalent to an audiobook.

“And while all the actors were remote, we still had our foley artists go out into the woods and actually record the creeks, the forest at night. And all those sounds are authentic. So from the point of sound design, it was quite a massive lift,” continued Wolf. “The entire team rallied around it, and we really wanted to make something special.”