‘Law & Order’ Releases Action-Packed Dual Trailer for ‘SVU’ and ‘Organized Crime’

by Jonathan Howard

Things are getting exciting over at Law & Order. Fans will be treated to a new season of SVU and Organized Crime on September 23rd. In anticipation of the new seasons, Wolf Entertainment released a double trailer featuring everyone’s favorites. While Elliot Stabler has moved on to his new department, Olivia Benson keeps things going in SVU.

For over 20 years Law & Order has brought intense crime drama to televisions across the country. Since Stabler left the Special Victims Unit, fans have been waiting to see him back. Now, with Organized Crime, Stabler is making his own way. However, it appears Benson and Stabler will be seeing a lot of each other. This new trailer is seriously awesome.

“I’ve seen how crime in New York City has changed. The bullets, the bodies, they’re still the same.”

That’s the opening words on the trailer from Detective Stabler. Right after Detective Benson chimes in as well.

“That’s why we keep fighting,” she says as Stabler finishes the sentence, “Together.”

Just chills. Absolute chills. The rest of the trailer is cut with random scenes from the upcoming season. Stabler running, coming out of court, arresting criminals. Then, a very intimate moment between himself and Benson is shown.

“We good?” asks Stabler.

Then Benson replies, “Always,” as the two linger while holding hands. Of course, there are other stars in the trailer that are featured briefly. Detective Tutuola, played by Ice T can be seen running in one scene alongside Benson. So, Law & Order is coming back. Now the only thing to do is wait for September 23rd.

Two Characters Leaving Law & Order

While fans rejoice at the thought of a new season, it comes a little bitter-sweet. As the season premiere gets closer, more information comes out about the season and what is next for the show. However, that means good news and bad news. The good news, more Law & Order! Then there’s the bad news. Two major characters are leaving during the two-hour premiere.

According to a report from Deadline, Officer Kat Tamin and Deputy Chief Christian Garland are on the way out. Jamie Gray Hyder portrays Tamin while Demore Barnes plays Garland. Those reports have been confirmed since they came out and now, fans are disappointed to see these two leave the series. Hyder joined the cast back in season 21 and claims that the move is “above her pay grade”.Those reports left fans worried about the makeup of the team.

So, there is a new season of Law & Order coming out but while there are things to celebrate, there are things to mourn. Above all, fans are excited to see Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson back working together, even for a night. So, it looks like things are set as the new season approaches.