‘Law & Order’ Revival Star Anthony Anderson Says ‘It Only Makes Sense’ To Do a Crossover

by Allison Hambrick

Law & Order actor Anthony Anderson teased the possibility of a crossover with spinoffs SVU and Organized Crime.

“I would love to do that,” Anderson told Entertainment Tonight. “A good crossover, within a franchise like this, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime, I think it only makes sense to do.”

 Anderson starred as Detective Kevin Bernard on the procedural from 2008 through 2010. Now he and fan-favorite actor Sam Waterston are back for season 21. Additional cast members include Jeffrey Donovan, Camryn Manheim, Odelya Halevi, and Hugh Dancy.

Anderson also opened up about how things fell into place for his return on the revival.

“Having a conversation with [Executive Producer] Dick Wolf,” said Anderson. “It’s such an iconic show. Black-ish was coming to an end, Law & Order was starting again.” 

Moreover, the Law & Order star said returning to the franchise was a no-brainer, just the change of pace he needed after starring on a sitcom for eight seasons.

“You know, a lot of people ask why, and I say why not?” added Anderson. “It’s the opportunity to go back and reprise [my] character, and have a little fun in the dramatic space for a little while.

“Returning to the streets of New York, returning to our sound stages and that squad room and donning that badge, Badge No. 1901, was just, like, sitting in a well-worn saddle,” he also stated. “It gripped you just right and was comfortable.”

Anderson then explained that he reached out to Wolf, not the other way around. The actor said: “I called [Dick Wolf] up he said ‘Anthony, you don’t know how happy this conversation makes me. And here we are, going in to season 21 of Law & Order.”

Anderson’s Law & Order Costar Talks Working Together

Anderson originally starred alongside Jeremy Sisto as his partner, Cyrus Lupo. The Black-ish star’s entire run saw him partnered with Sisto, stepping into the role previously filled by Jesse L. Martin’s Ed Green. Sisto explained that he found it hard to “match” Anderson’s energy. According to the FBI actor, when the Black-ish actor joined the cast, the actor brought “fresh and fun” vibes to Law & Order.

“[Anthony Anderson’s] really good bringing people out of their shell,” Sisto explained in an interview. “He’s really lovable and also had a really positive outlook on work. He was always staying positive and had fun with it. Every now and then you’d come into some actors who complain a little bit about stuff and that kind of vibe can be contagious—that doesn’t even cross Anthony’s mind.”

The previous seasons saw Sisto’s character attending law school himself. Maybe a reunion is in the cards for Lupo and Bernard.

Law & Order returns to NBC for its 21st season on Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. eastern.