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‘Law & Order’ Revival: Meet Sam Waterston’s District Attorney Jack McCoy

by Jacklyn Krol
Hippolyte Petit, Getty Images

Sam Waterston has returned to Law & Order as District Attorney Jack McCoy.

The first episode shows that McCoy has succeeded in his career over the year. His new prodigy is Executive District Attorney Nolan Price, played by Hugh Dancy. Waterston appeared on the flagship series for a total of fifteen seasons where his character rose through the ranks and became a staple. He is known for being a relatively fair person when it comes to cases and he is one of the most established prosecutors on the team.

This season, McCoy will experience current political issues when it comes to the legal system and police force. In just the first episode, they were able to createa discussion around unfairness and corruption in the current legal system.

“We’re not shying away from any of those [timely] conflicts,” Waterston told Variety. “In fact, it’s always been the goal of the show to get people throwing their shoes at the television, and certainly there are issues that are going to infuriate people and frustrate people about how they turned out.”

‘Law & Order’ Pitch Story

Believe it or not, Season 21 of Law & Order was actually in the works for quite some time. While the show has been off the air for over a decade and ended with Season 20, producer Dick Wolf was ready for its return almost after it ended. He ended up pitching the revival to Waterston over the phone.

“Well, I was never going to put it past Dick Wolf to do this,” Waterston said in an interview with Stage Right Secrets. “He reminded me today that he called me up five years ago and said we were going to. But I’ve always known that he was never going to give up on this. What an extraordinary accomplishment. This is on the part of Dick Wolf and all of his team as he would be the first one to say yes as fast as he could. It’s just an extraordinary achievement. He’s made a virtual universe.”

Waterston said that it felt like he returned to the same set over a decade ago. He noted that the atmosphere is “growing around us as we work.”

“It’s like show business decided to give us a present, how would you like to revisit what you were doing 10 years ago and come at it with this brand new opportunity? And all of the credibility that Law & Order has built up over the years,” he added. “To talk about Law and Order and justice in a time now when it’s really the top of mind for all of us. But this is with a basis of trust with its audience that you know you just can’t duplicate.”

New episodes of Law & Order Season 21 will premiere on Thursdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.