‘Law & Order’ Revival Shows the ‘Many Faces’ Justice Takes

by Joe Rutland

Fans are amped about the revival of Law & Order that will be popping up on NBC later in February. But there are many faces that form justice.

When it comes to this show, then you can guarantee there are going to be a lot of faces. Take a look at this post from the Law & Order account on Instagram. We think that you will recognize some of these faces now and definitely in the future.

Of course, leading the snaps is Sam Waterston. He’s returning to play District Attorney Jack McCoy, a character he also played in earlier seasons of the Dick Wolf show. Other faces include Anthony Anderson, Camryn Manheim, Jeffrey Donovan, Odelya Halevi, and Hugh Dancy.

Now, if you love Law & Order, then you know this revival is going to appear on Thursday nights. That’s right. It will be airing along with SVU and Organized Crime. That just adds another franchise night of TV for Dick Wolf and his company.

What was it like to set foot on the set after all these years? Here’s Sam to talk about it.

“It was totally surreal,” Waterston told Variety. “Unbelievable. It’s a step back in time.

“They built the 42 sets in every detail down to the books on the shelves to the linoleum on the floor,” he said. “You know perfectly well that it wasn’t all being done for you, but you can’t escape the feeling that you’re being given this opportunity to step back in time in your own life.”

‘Law & Order’ Will Have Familiar Face to TV Viewers With Camryn Manheim

Some of those faces happen to look familiar. Yes, that is Camryn Manheim from The Practice days. She got that big break back in 1997 to play Ellenor FruttShe also had a role on the CBS show Criminal Minds back in 2013.

It seems like a lot of criminal work has been in her acting portfolio. Well, she got arrested by the members of the Criminal Minds BAU. She was part of a two-episode Criminal Minds story arc titled The Inspired. She plays Carla Hines, the mother of two sons, who tries to pit the twins against each other. They are murderous souls, too. Well, she gets taken into custody.

What about the revival of the show? Hey, Manheim says she did get excited to see the show’s set since her last stint as a guest star. Showrunners decided to recreate as much of the original Law & Order set as much as possible.

Another one of those faces that you might be asking yourself “Where have I seen him before?” falls with Jeffrey Donovan. He will appear as play Detective Frank Cosgrove.