‘Law & Order: SVU’ Icon Richard Belzer Has Portrayed John Munch on a Jaw-Dropping Number of Shows

by Michael Freeman

It’s not at all unusual for a character from one television show to appear in another, especially within the Law & Order universe. However, Richard Belzer’s SVU character, John Munch, has a huge number of crossover appearances.

It may surprise you to learn detective John Munch actually appeared in Homicide: Life on the Street before becoming an SVU mainstay. In the former show, he was a homicide detective in the Baltimore Police Department’s homicide unit. Eventually retiring from the department there, he took his pension as a Maryland state employee and moved to New York to join a sex crimes unit.

After that, Munch appeared in a plethora of different shows and franchises. Appearing in the mainline Law & Order for a few episodes, Munch also starred on Arrested Development, The X-Files, The Wire, and The Beat for one episode.

Munch’s appearances aren’t limited to ones with real actors though. For instance, he appeared on an episode of American Dad in animated form to recruit Steve (one of the main characters) as a detective. A muppet version of him appeared in Sesame Street for the “Law & Order: Special Letters Unit” episode as well. Further, he’s even appeared in comics, such as a Spider-Man/Deadpool issue in 2016.

In his 30 Rock appearance, the show’s characters are watching SVU footage that was specifically recorded for the show. Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Belzer portraying Munch way back in 2009 for a bit on his show, also.

Overall, Wikipedia states Munch holds a record for fictional character appearances. He is the only actor played by a single actor to appear physically in 10 different franchises. While he, unfortunately, retired from the Special Victims Unit, we may still see home pop up in other shows.

Is ‘Law & Order’ Teasing a Stabler and Benson Relationship?

Speaking of crossovers, the latest Law & Order trailer may be teasing something huge. Organized Crime and SVU are crossing over for a two-hour special and a brief clip has fans thinking Stabler and Benson may have something going on now.

The official Law & Order Instagram account posted the clip five days ago and fans can’t stop talking about it. In it, we see Wheatley has “found himself a new friend” with Olivia. More importantly, at the end of the trailer, we see her and Stabler in a car together when she says to “take it one step at a time.” We then see the two holding hands.

Between Rafael Barba and the handholding, fans in the comment section are losing it. What could “take it one step at a time” mean? To make matters worse, the episode won’t debut until December 9.

Waiting has never been so difficult.