‘Law & Order’ Star Sam Waterston Describes His Three Favorite Movies

by Caitlin Berard

When we see a lot of a certain actor, because they’re in our favorite movie or show, it’s easy to start to wonder about who they are as a person. What are their interests? What’s their go-to binge-watch snack? Do they have a favorite movie? For us curious cats out there, there’s The Late Show‘s Feature Film Faves.

In the segment, stars are invited to tell fans their favorite movie and the reasoning behind their choice. Ever the over-achiever, Law & Order veteran Sam Waterston gave three movies rather than one. That said, we’ll never complain about additional movie recommendations from an acting legend like Waterston.

Waterston begins by revealing his three favorites: Kind Hearts and Coronets, Fanfan el Invencible, and Lawrence of Arabia. Three highly unusual choices. Let’s find out why he loves them so much.

“They are my favorites because they are three performances that I would’ve loved to have given myself,” the Law & Order star begins. “Kind Hearts and Coronets‘ Alec Guinness, Fanfan el Invencible‘s Gerard Philipe, and Lawrence of Arabia‘s Peter O’Toole. I remember them all because I was seeing them when I was thinking of, and hoping to become, an actor.”

Sam Waterston Gives All the Details About His Favorite Movies

Sam Waterston then goes on to describe the movies nearest and dearest to him in detail, beginning with Kind Hearts and Coronets. “‘Kind Hearts and Coronets.’ Alec Guinness decides to murder all of his relatives so that he can inherit the estate – and all of his relatives are played by him.”

“Fanfan el Invencible is a French movie, so you’re excused from never having seen it,” Waterston jokes. “Gerard Philipe stars as an ordinary French commoner in the late 17th, early 18th century. He sees a noble lady in a carriage and falls in love with her, and she falls in love with him. It’s an absolutely standard romantic comedy period piece that is made unforgettable by Gerard Philipe’s performance.”

Last but not least, is Lawrence of Arabia, which Waterston describes as having “one of the grandest, most theatrical performances ever given by anybody.” The movie, starring Peter O’Toole, depicts an Englishman who “becomes an Arab in order to win the Middle East for the British Empire.”

“It’s a huge movie,” Waterston says with a gleam in his eye. “I mean, he rides in on a camel through a mirage. There’s some of the most spectacular filming that has ever been achieved in any movie.”