‘Law & Order’ Showrunner Hints at Potential Crossovers

by Megan Molseed

Fans of any Dick Wolf-led series or franchise know how awesome a crossover event can be. Dick Wolf, the mind behind the Law & Order franchise including the original series and spin-offs such as SVU, and Organized Crime; the One Chicago hits, Chicago Fire, Med, and PD; as well as the FBI shows FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International, often likes to bring his characters together in some big deal crossover events. And, according to one showrunner for the upcoming reboot of the original Law & Order series, fans can expect some crossover moments in the upcoming season. Well, he certainly isn’t ruling out the possibility.

“I think crossovers have been very successful in the Dick Wolf universe and the Chicago universe and FBI universe,” says Rick Eid in a conversation with TVLine.

“They’re fan favorites,” Eid explains.

“There’s a chance there’ll be a three-part or two-part Law & Order crossover somewhere along the way,” the Law & Order showrunner adds. “Anything’s possible in this universe.”

‘Law & Order’ Reboot Brings Some New Aspects to the OG Series

The premiere of the original Law & Order television series reboot is just a few days away now. And fans cannot be more excited. The new series premieres on NBC on February 24 at 8 p.m. eastern, 7 p.m. central time. The reboot brings back some original Law & Order; as well as some new faces. Some of the OG actors set to reprise their roles in the reboot include Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson. And, Waterston says, it will be interesting to see how the reboot plays out with some new showrunners at the helm. Showrunners such as Eid.

“Dick [Wolf] always says that action is character,” notes Sam Waterston during a Television Critics Association panel discussion.

“And the actions of McCoy are being defined by [showrunner] Rick [Eid], and it’s different and interesting, and it’s great to find out,” the Law & Order star adds. “It’s the nature of work. Work is cool.”

The New Series Is Made For Both New and Original Fans

Anthony Anderson will be reprising his role as Detective Kevin Bernard in the upcoming series. Anderson likes that the focus of the series reboot is more on the story and less on the characters. This, Anderson says, allows fans to pick up in the series wherever they would like.

“The magic of the show is that you never really know or get into these characters’ personal lives,” Anderson explains.

“Which allows you to pick up this show at any given moment no matter where you are,” the Law & Order actor adds. “And still be that much invested in the show and still not be lost.”