‘Law & Order’ Spinoff Gets Green Light

by Anna Dunn

Today, the NBC Law & Order franchise added a new show to its roster with a show about defense attorneys. The straight-to-series order for Law & Order: For The Defense should provide a new perspective to the procedural universe. This series will count as the seventh in the Law & Order franchise, spearheaded by Dick Wolf.

Carol Mendelsohn, former CSI show-runner, will take the lead on the new series. The show will flip many of the Law & Order norms upside down. Dick Wold acknowledged this exciting new territory in a statement.

“This new show is exciting for me personally,” He said. “We spent the last 30 years on shows that played offense. Now it will be great to play defense, and being able to do it with Carol is an honor and an opportunity for both of us to do television that hasn’t been done before.”

And it’s true. For as many procedurals out there that work on the prosecution side of the criminal landscape, few shows have tackled the side of the defense.

The producers at NBC have also expressed excitement at this new angle. “We can’t wait to bring audiences the latest chapter of Law & Order, which will explore a different angle of the criminal justice system,” President of Scripted Programming at NBC, Lisa Katz, said. “We’re excited about Dick Wolf’s perpetually thought-provoking approach as well his collaboration with Carol Mendelsohn, who we have been eager to do a series with for a long time.”

‘Law & Order: For The Defense’ Potential Release and Cast

The show has been announced with no actors or release dates yet. It will likely be ready for the 2021-2022 season. Whenever it airs, it will join its sister shows on NBC. For instance, Law & Order: SVU has been renewed for an impressive 24th season.

Law & Order: For The Defense will also air alongside the newest in the franchise, Law & Order: Organized Crime which follows former SVU Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) returning to the force after losing a loved one. While the show has performed well in the ratings, it’s garnered mixed reviews, with many criticizing the show’s excessive use of outdated tropes and clichés.

Meanwhile, For the Defense looks to break out of procedural tropes completely, creating a new narrative. The network wants the show to take an “unbiased” look at a criminal defense firm. Each episode will feature a “contemporary morality tale.”

Wolf Entertainment will produce Law and Order: For the Defense along with Universal Studios.