‘Law & Order’ Star Checks in With Fans Reeling From First Thursday Without ‘Organized Crime’ and ‘SVU’

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order is officially over for the 2020-2021 season, and for fans, Thursdays just don’t feel the same without Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime airing back to back. Actress Danielle Moné Truitt of Law & Order: Organized Crime took to Twitter Thursday to check in.

“Ya’ll okay?! I know it’s the first Thursday without #SVU and #OrganizedCrime,” she wrote.

The response? A resounding “No!” People miss watching their favorite fictional characters run around on the screen.

“I’m bored and just need it to be September,” one fan said. Shows in the Law & Order franchise will return this Fall, likely around September.

“We.need.more!!!” another fan said.

One fan found a way to cope.

“Binging all the things Chris and Mariska have ever been in and also about to add your stuff to my list too,” they said. Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay are the two infamous leads in the hit shows.

Hargitay and Meloni starred in Law & Order: SVU together until Meloni left the show in 2011 over contract disputes. Now, the two are back in the back-to-back shows that occasionally cross over.

Finally, one fan wanted to return the kindness.

“I want to thank you for all your hard work if anyone deserves a little break it’s you,” they said. How long the break will last is unclear. Shows that air in the fall often film in the summer months, but the message is sweet nonetheless.

Danielle Moné Truitt plays the role of NYPD Sergeant Ayanna Bell.

One thing you Can Expect from the ‘Law & Order‘ shows next season? Plenty of Crossovers.

Fans were thrilled when Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler finally reunited on both shows this year. Executive producers have said you can expect more crossovers to come.

“We will certainly do more crossovers,” Executive producer Ilene Chaiken said in an Entertainment Weekly interview. “We’re now part of an entire night of Law & Order. It offers us a lot of opportunities to intersect our stories. There’s no set number, no formula for it. And yes, I learned a lot about the complexities of doing a crossover and doing them successfully.”

Chaiken also said that it’ll be easier to do more crossovers this year, as the two shows will have similar schedules. So while there’s a long wait, it sounds like it will definitely be worthwhile for Law & Order fans. Thankfully, there’s plenty of seasons to re-watch before the new seasons come out. While Organized Crime only has the one season, Law & Order: SVU has 22 seasons.