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‘Law & Order: SVU’: 500th Episode Doesn’t Disappoint With Plenty of Flashbacks

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage for The Lippin Group)

After so many years, the 500th episode of Law & Order: SVU is finally here and it has plenty for fans new and old to enjoy. The new episode was hyped up all day long and it delivered on flashbacks and more.

Mariska Hargitay lit up 500 candles earlier today to celebrate, and she hadn’t watched the show prior to the premiere tonight. This episode was worth the small fire hazard to celebrate. Over on Twitter, there was even a deleted scene put out. Fans loved it.

Episode 500. “You’ve Come a Long Way, Benson,” was very appropriately named. Not only has Benson as a character but Hargitay as a person has come a long way over the years. With Nick Amaro returning to Law & Order: SVU viewers knew they were in for some reminiscing. He wasn’t the only familiar face, Captain Cragen and medical examiner Melinda Warner made appearances as well.

Elliot Stabler makes an appearance in the show as well. However, it is in a flashback that goes back to an early season of the show. Things go pretty far back with a flashback to episode one of the show. Serena talks to her daughter about getting out of law enforcement. Olivia talks to Fin about Noah’s questions and it shows a classic Benson moment.

While that was the earliest flashback, it wouldn’t be the only one. Later in the episode, there is a flashback to season 6. There is another memory with Serena and Olivia regarding a former fiance that Benson was engaged to when she was 16. Another flashback ends the episode in another discussion with Serena, this time about Benson’s mother.

The new Law & Order: SVU episode mixed the old and the new so well throughout.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode 500 Features Familiar Faces

This episode was about celebrating the current arc of the show while also celebrating the show’s history. The flashbacks bring a lot of things full circle. Benson’s dedication to her job, her own personal experience, and more. While Stabler wasn’t in the show in the present day, his appearance was important as well. The Organized Crime unit is overlapping with SVU quite often.

While fans loved the flashbacks, the return of Amaro was one of the biggest surprises. Of course, he was interested in seeing how Rollins was doing. In a deleted scene, Amaro was talking with Carisi about upcoming testimony. He was being used as an expert witness, breaking down the methods behind his science.

The appearance has viewers excited. Perhaps Amaro will stick around. He might have a bit of an arc in Law & Order: SVU. It has been a long time coming, but Amaro seems to want to stick around for a bit. Perhaps his interest in Rollins is going to be pretty serious. That would add some drama to this season.