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‘Law & Order: SVU’: The Biggest Issue Fans Have With William Lewis Storyline

by Joe Rutland
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As much as Law & Order: SVU fans love their show, a number of them have some issues around a storyline involving William Lewis.

Lewis, played by Pablo Schreiber, is involved in a story on the NBC police drama that is causing the show’s fans to scratch their heads.

Where do we turn for some comments? Reddit, of course. The thread is titled “How William Lewis made it through life at all without being shot via justifiable homicide?”

Fan SakanaShiroLoli writes, “Just a random shower thought I had. I mean, with 120-something guns per 100 people in America, such a character just seems unrealistic with his torture streaks because, through virtues of sheer probability, someone would have definitely shot him in self-defense by now. Well, ‘now’ I mean as in the season 15 storyline obviously.”

Redditor dogtorjen writes, “First of all those stats are a little skewed. Most gun owners own multiple guns so 120 guns per 100 people actually mean 50 of those people have the 120 guns. Regardless, this sort of thing, unfortunately, happens all the time. Nobody carries a gun on them 24/7.”

The SVU fan writer adds that the United States has a weird notion that guns are like a protective shield. Lewis, according to the Redditor, was a charmer who picked his victims carefully.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Viewers Discuss Gun Use Along With Serial Killers

Law & Order: SVU fan lionheart07 replies to dogtorjen, writing, “You also have to take into consideration location. NYC and western Long Island (I think he was over there? Don’t remember it’s been a while) definitely don’t have 120 guns per 100 people.”

Then foo-bar-baz-bin writes, “The obvious answer is he wouldn’t have made it that far. In [the] universe, I’m sure the explanation is that he can read people and avoids anyone who might pose a threat. Or something like that.”

Law & Order: SVU fan rodmcmuffins says, “The USA has had a number of serial killers throughout the country. I don’t think guns deter that at all. Still a terrible storyline though. The serial killer episodes are ones I skip.”

Other Redditors offer their opinions so make sure and check it out.

Star of NBC Drama Offers Reason Why Fans Still Tune In To See Show After 23 Seasons

One of SVU‘s stars offers some thoughts about why fans of the show are still watching after 23 seasons.

Peter Scanavino, who plays Dominick Carisi Jr., shares his theory in a September 2021 interview with Stage Right Secrets.

He said it’s because of the show’s stories.

“It’s interesting – a show that’s been going 23 seasons and what does keep people coming back,” Scanavino said. “And I think it is the quality of the storylines.”