‘Law & Order: SVU’ Celebrates ‘Bensler’ in Epic Through-the-Years Video of Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay’s Characters

by Samantha Whidden

In celebration of the reunion between Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni), the Law & Order production cast and crew are sharing every scene between the characters in chronological order from Season 22 of Law & Order: SVU and season 1 of Law & Order: Organized Crime. 

The Law & Order team took to Twitter to announce, “We’re always ready to reminisce on ‘Bensler.’ Join us over on the @LawAndOrder YouTube channel to watch their best moments from last seasons of #SVU and #OrganizedCrime.” The tweet also features a tweet that shows the two characters hilariously embracing. 

NBC also chimed in on the Law & Order post by stating, “We will take any chance to spend more time with Bensler.”

Meloni’s Stabler notably played opposite of Hargitay’s Benson for the first 12 seasons of Law & Order: SVU. He departed from the series in 2011 and has returned in the franchise’s new spin-off Law & Order: Organized Crime. 

Christopher Meloni Talks Potential Stabler & Benson Romance  

Christopher Meloni recently discussed with People the potential romance between the Law & Order characters. “Obviously, we recognized [the romantic tension] when we were together on SVU,” Meloni says. “We were always kind of toying with that, leaning into that, teasing with that. I think we’re going to stumble bumble, as I think most human beings do, through complicated areas or difficult terrain, emotional terrain.”

Meloni continues, “What are the answers? Really, there are no answers right now. And I think that’s the art and the beauty of what we do, the writers get together and they create these connections or circumstances and the actors get to play them out, so I’m excited. I think there’s a world of possibility.”

Mariska Hargitay also spoke about the Law & Order characters reuniting earlier this year. “There was so much shorthand between us, which all goes back to the trust we have,” she explains. “[Meloni’s] always made me feel like I could just hump off the ledge, the cliff, the bridge, and he would catch me, in so many ways, whether it was comedy or acting or friendship.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Now Has 24 Seasons

According to its synopsis on IMDb, Law & Order: SVU follows the Special Victims Unit. The unit is a specially trained square of detectives in the NYPD, who investigate sexual crimes. The team is notably based out of the NYPD’s 16th precinct in Manhattan.

Hargitay spoke about her Law & Order character in 2019. “SVU resonates because it’s a path to healing and a path to survivorship,” she states.“Each week, Olivia Benson and the team depict an environment of compassion, sympathy, and justice. Proving hope to those who experience shame and isolation caused by sexual violence. The conversations that the show inspires have brought a greater awareness and understanding of the issues.”

Starring alongside Hargitay are Ice-T, Tamara Tunie, Kelli Giddish, and Martha Mitchell