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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Demore Barnes Names the ‘Cherry on Top’ of Being a Series Regular

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

When Demore Barnes was first introduced to Law & Order: SVU as Deputy Chief Christian Garland in season twenty-one, he was just a supporting player.

However, as the series progressed Barnes’s character became a bigger and bigger player in the hit NBC drama. Then, by the twenty-third season, Demore Barnes became a full-time cast member. And, this promotion was certainly something the actor was excited about.

While most aspects about being a part of such an iconic series as Law & Order: SVU were exciting to the actor, there is one little piece that he was the most excited about. And, it’s a piece that he calls the “cherry on top.”

“That picture in the credits may be the cherry on top of it all, I gotta tell ya,” Demore Barnes says with a laugh while discussing his Law & Order: SVU role with StarryMag.

“It’s arguably one of the most iconic television show openings and to see my mug and my name along with that iconic scene,” Barnes continues. “It’s pretty amazing.”

Barnes adds that the feelings that come from his Law & Order: SVU experience is one that will stay with him for a long time to come.

“That’s not going to wear off for some time,” Barnes says of the feeling.

“It’s been a journey,” the actor adds. “I started as a guest star last year and you know that call to do that was pretty exciting in and of itself.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Evolved, And So Did The Characters

The Law & Order: SVU star adds that while his role as Christian Garland in the series was a part-time player when he started, the character changed right along with the evolution of Law & Order: SVU over the last few years.

“Not only did the direction of the show evolve, but then also the direction of, not only Christian Garland, but all the other characters as well,” Demore Barnes says of the show’s changes over the last year.

“We kind of got to a point as we were endeavoring to fire the show back up and get the season up and running,” the Law & Order: SVU star adds. “Trying to determine what it would be the most advantageous and exciting scenario that we could imagine.”

For the showrunners and for Barnes, it certainly seemed the best way to do this was to turn Barnes’s part-time Deputy Chief Christian Garland Character into a full-time player.

“I think it was a very broad and wide consensus that the next logical step and one that I was very resonant with, was to make me a series regular,” the actor explains. Barnes also notes that even as the change came about as it did, the promotion was still an exciting one.

“It didn’t detract from any of the excitement of actually hearing that’s what would be happening,” Barnes explains. “That it would actually be coming to fruition and I would be joining this legendary cast and crew.”