‘Law & Order: SVU’: Did Rollins Name Her Kids After Two Wild West Icons?

by Megan Molseed

Over the last few seasons, the Law & Order: SVU family has grown in a variety of ways. And, two of these additions come in the littlest forms as detective Amanda Rollins expanded her family by two throughout three seasons. This, of course, came as she gave birth to daughters Jesse and Billie.

Now, Law & Order: SVU fans got to get to know these newest additions via storylines, discussions on the series, and a few appearances. However, even as the girls grow, viewers haven’t heard what inspired Kelli Giddish’s Amanda Rollins to pick the unique names for her daughters. But, one Redditor has a theory about Rollins’s name choices. And, it’s a pretty solid one at that!

A Nod To the Wild West?

In a recent Reddit thread, one Law & Order: SVU fan asked if anyone has heard where Rollins came up with the names Jesse and Billie for her young girls. The commenter goes on to note that Jesse and Billie paired together lead them to a thought as to where Rollins (and SVU writers) found inspiration for the baby names.

“On their own I wouldn’t have thought anything of it,” the Law & Order: SVU fan says in the Friday, February 19 Reddit thread. “but the combo makes me think she’s a wild west fan and they’re named after Jesse James and Billy the Kid.”

Quite the observation, right? As the OP says, on their own the names Jesse and Billie don’t necessarily scream “wild west outlaw.”

But, pairing the two together in sibling monikers really does make you wonder! Plus, we know that Kelli Giddish’s Amanda Rollins is tough as nails. She may be on the other side of the law from the infamous outlaws…but we could certainly see her appreciating the toughness of the Wild West icons.

What Do Fellow ‘Law & Order: SVU Fans Think?

The names certainly do seem to follow this theory just fine. However, not a lot of Reddit users commented agreeing to the OP’s theory. One Redditor jokes about the idea, suggesting – in jest, of course – that Rollins is slowly developing her own outlaw gang.

“Yeah I think you’re right. She’s trying to put together an outlaw gang without being detected by the NYPD,” jokes one commenter.

“Since she only has two kids right now she has plausible deniability,” the commenter continues in the hilarious comment. “but if she has any more in the future it’ll send up red flags.”

Another SVU fan notes that another theory is just as likely. Suggesting that Rollins was simply attracted to the names because they work for both boys and girls. Noting that the detective was likely just looking for names that fit into a unisex category.

“I think it’s just a unisex name type of deal,” the Redditor notes.