‘Law & Order: SVU’ Drops Perfect ‘Lockscreen’ Pic for All the Benson-Stabler Fans

by Madison Miller

While not all fans are necessarily aboard the Captain Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler ship, “Law & Order: SVU” seems to be their biggest relationship supporters.

Benson and Stabler, or Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni in real life, have been the subject of some potential romance in the “Law & Order” universe lately.

Meloni left “Law & Order” after being a series regular for the first 12 seasons. He recently returned to the franchise to lead the brand new spin-off series, “Law & Order: Organized Crime.”

Stabler-Benson Romance

The Captain-Detective duo has had some pretty heartwarming and fan-favorite moments since the new spin-off show has aired. In one episode, Stabler even says “I love you” to Benson, although it may have been more platonic than anything else.

However, there’s definitely some teasing going on from the show’s writers and creators when it comes to the possibility of this iconic duo becoming “partners in crime.” The show’s Twitter account recently posted a photo of the two posing for the camera. Both are dressed in their typical all-business, New York chic, attire.

The photo is captioned, “Did somebody say they needed a new lockscreen photo?”

To make matters even more exciting, all the “Law & Order: SVU” fans swarmed in to share their own lockscreen photos inspired by the popular series. Some even shared the original image after adding it to their personal phones.

One Twitter user posted a particularly cute photo of the duo smiling happily together. The two are standing amidst a cold snowfall in New York City — it’s like a screen capture from a Hallmark movie.

Many fans are on the fence about seeing the two powerhouse leaders getting together. In many ways, not getting together helped shape the show during its earlier seasons. The possibility was always there though. Between some very, very emotional and deep conversations and some longing looks, romance is impossible to rule out.

When the two were on “Law & Order: SVU” together, Stabler was married with kids. Meanwhile, Benson was busy moving up to her current position as Captain.

Christopher Meloni Talks ‘Law & Order’ Romance

Even Christopher Meloni opened up about what could be in store romantically for the two. “Law & Order: Organized Crime” has more of an opportunity for character development and relationship than “SVU” does. This is because it is not episode-by-episode, but follows a season-long storyline.

After years apart, the reunion and the aftermath of that is everything.

“I think we’re going to stumble bumble, as I think most human beings do, through complicated areas or difficult terrain, emotional terrain. What are the answers? Really, There are no answers right now. And I think that’s the art and the beauty of what we do, the writers get together and they create these connections or circumstances and the actors get to play them out, so I’m excited. I think there’s a world of possibility,” Meloni said in an interview with People.

Either way, Stabler and Benson will continue to be partners and have each other’s backs. As for romance, surely some fans will be very happy and some very unhappy.

Both series were renewed for another season, so only time will tell.