‘Law & Order: SVU’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Point Out Major Plot Hole in Benson’s Kidnapping Scene

by Matthew Wilson

Fans can be hard to please. And nowhere is that more true than with the “Law & Order: SVU” fandom. Several viewers still lament that Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler left the show back in Season 13. It was a tough act to follow. And put Danny Pino’s Nick Amaro in the crosshairs for some fan backlash.

Even years later, some “Law & Order: SVU” viewers are still sore over the change. A few eagle-eyed fans pointed out a major plot hole in Season 15. As a result, they called Amaro a poor replacement for Stabler as Olivia Benson’s partner. In this Outsider rewind, we take you back to Season 15.

Everyone’s favorite detective, Olivia Benson, got herself in serious trouble. William Lewis, a serial rapist, kidnapped and tortured her for days. In fact, the trauma from the kidnapping ended up forming Benson’s character going forward. She struggled to deal with the terrible event.

Some fans criticized Amaro for taking days to realize that Benson was missing. They argued that Stabler would have saved his partner sooner if he had still been on the show.

“I like Amaro, in general I think he was really good to Liv,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “But I will never get over the fact that no one realized she was kidnapped for 2 DAYS!! If Elliot was her partner no way would that have happened.”

Another fan agreed, believing Stabler would have solved the incident in record time. “This! It would have taken El 10 minutes at most to realize she was missing. But that’s because they were always communicating. Also, Elliot would have found her way faster. I dunno how he didn’t hear about everything that happened with Lewis in the 10 years he was gone but I really hope they address it.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Debate the Issue

Of course, many viewers believe it’s unfair to criticize Amaro. After all, “Law & Order: SVU” is a TV show. It’s very likely the writers would have developed some hang-up to stop Stabler from making an easy save if he was still on the show then.

Likewise, Benson had been taking days off. Most co-workers don’t track one another outside of their place of employment. One Reddit user called the criticism unfair.

They remarked: “I mean if I remember well she took those days off so why would they be all in her business on her free days. And Elliot would’ve done the same…I think it’s just too much to assume that wouldn’t have happened as if he had any other way to know that she was kidnapped…it would’ve happened regardless.”

Many believed Amaro to be a worthy addition as well, despite some criticism from some. They argued that the character helped Benson grow on the show.