‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Stabler/Benson Moment in Trailer

by Jonathan Howard

We are getting into the middle of the season for Law & Order: SVU and fans are losing their minds over a new trailer. Former ADA Rafael Barba is back…only this time he is a defense attorney and he is defending a high-profile name.

Fans have been expecting this return for a little bit now. So, that doesn’t really shock viewers. However, fans are going a little wild over a moment between Stabler and Benson. A preview earlier last week showed Stabler holding hands with someone in the car. Now, with this newest video, fans know exactly who it was in the car with Elliot.

Everyone knows the tension between the two and fans have begged for something to happen between the two romantically. So, when they hold hands in the car, viewers are going to pick up on that and run with it. Check out the video below and see what you think.

The 15-second clip opens up with Benson and Barba catching up at a bar. There, an older-looking Barba is telling his friend why he is back in the city, and who he is considering defending. Jokingly, Benson says, “As long as it’s not Richard Wheatley.” The two stare intensely at each other before the clip pulls away and goes to Wheatley confirming the deal with Barba.

Then, we see Benson and Stabler in the car together. The two are holding hands, and Olivia tells her friend and former partner, “Whatever happens, we’re going to take it one step at a time.” The newly shaved Stabler doesn’t say anything, but gives her a look and rubs her hand with his thumb. It is a powerful moment if just for a second. Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime will be a two-hour crossover event on Dec. 9.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Reactions to Promo

This 15-second clip sent fans into a frenzy. Law & Order: SVU fans are demanding answers and hoping that December 9 gives them those answers. There is going to be some time between now and then, so it won’t be answered immediately. Until then, viewers are going to be ripping their hair out trying to come up with answers and theories.

Like this fan.

Another viewer just couldn’t keep their thoughts straight. They just tweeted, “ELLIOT AND OLIVIA!!! HOLDING!!! HANDS!!!” Yes, that is what we see in the video.

Then there were others that wanted to let everyone know they will be watching come December 9. “Hi, just to reiterate there are hands behind held at the end of this promo and I will be there until Dec 9…”

Let the Law & Order: SVU theories begin! There are none too crazed not to be believed.