‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Call Out the ‘Unbelievable’ Aspects of the Show

by Jonathan Howard

There are few fan bases as dedicated as the Law & Order: SVU fanbase. However, they don’t always agree with the show.

When doing a show about law enforcement, it isn’t easy to always make things as realistic as possible. The series has tried to base things on true crimes, real events, and all of that whenever possible. However, after so many seasons, things had to change. Now, the series takes a bit more creative license for the story arcs.

While u/ghostof2que on Reddit likes the show and gets the fact that it is for TV, there are still parts that are hard to forgive in their opinion.

“It’s a dramatized cop show. It’s [Hollywood]. I get it. I still enjoy watching it but truly the one thing that makes me roll my eyes in every direction is the creation of the IAB Investigator Ed Tucker. Gah dammit I hate that mfer, and I hate that this show makes me hate him because if cop investigators were actually like Tucker [in real life], there may not be as many rogue dirty cops on the streets! … I viscerally cringe anytime he’s on the screen,” the fan said.

Others in the Law & Order: SVU subreddit agreed with the take.

“The part that bothers me the most about the Tucker redemption arc is [that] we really didn’t see much of the redemption. I have to go back and rewatch those episodes, but I remember being so confused as to how on [Earth] that relationship began.”

It just seems that the internal investigator was just never believable. There are Law & Order: SVU fans that enjoyed him on the show. However, Tucker had a tough time generating support from viewers. But, is the show losing steam overall? Some fans think so.

Why ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Think the Show is Slowing Down

While change is often necessary to keep shows fresh and new, sometimes it is unwelcome.d That’s what has Law & Order: SVU fans upset. They think that the show is starting to get less interesting.

“I feel like the episodes are becoming less and less good?” one fan said. “I hate the new renovation of the set for example the police squad room. Also what I hate about SVU is the constant character shifts.” They went on to continue about what they miss on the show. “I also miss when the show would have Huang help them on cases by interrogating suspects/speaking to victims. I felt like seeing him use his skills as a psychiatrist was very entertaining,” the fan lamented.

With the crossover to Organized Crime, there is some newness going on with the show. Fans have brought up the sleek and almost sterile-looking appearance of the new squad room in the past. So, has Law & Order: SVU lost that pizazz? What do you think, Outsiders?