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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Can’t Agree on Whether Calvin Benson Should Return

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Fans can have some very different ideas. When it comes to Law & Order: SVU some fans want to see a character make a return to the show. However, others are not so sure about it.

Back in Season 12 and Season 13, Olivia Benson found herself caring for a young boy. His name was Calvin and there was a time that the detective was his guardian. Calvin eventually went on to live with his grandparents and he has been gone ever since. One fan thought it’d be nice to see him again in the future.

“Like this post if you want Calvin Benson to make a come back!!!!” the title read. “Bring back Calvin!!!!” The post featured a couple of pictures from Calvin’s time on the show.

179 others upvoted the post on Reddit. However, there was a dissenting opinion as well among the group. A reply had 144 upvotes and described the unlikely scenario that could happen if Calvin makes his return.

“No, if he came back,” the post said,” the writers would never let it be just a normal meeting. …It would be something over-the-top, like in a drug-induced haze, he and his love, Kim Rolins, kidnapped Noah, held Lucy at gunpoint, and stopped to eat at the diner where Stabler is undercover with the mob.”

While being sarcastic, the fan got the Law & Order: SVU story arc down. It wouldn’t be a simple, thanks for helping me when I needed it, from Calvin. It would have to be a huge dramatic scene where Benson has to save him once more.

A few other fans in the Law & Order: SVU subreddit made the connection that it would likely be as a perp if he ever did come back. That’s just how SVU does things.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Stars Knows Why Fans Still Tune In

It’s been 23 seasons now of Law & Order: SVU and viewers still love tuning into the show. Peter Scanavino who plays Dominick Carisi Jr in the series has a theory of why that is.

“There’s still – that kind of- you want to see how it ends. You want to see the victim get justice. Or you want to sell the outrage if they don’t,” he said. “So there’s that element for sure, which I think, you know is what brought viewers in.”

The storylines and storytelling are inherently powerful and interesting. That is evidenced by the many seasons and spinoff series, Organized Crime. There are no more dedicated fans than Law & Order: SVU fans when it comes to television.