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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Can’t Stand This Character

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

We’ve certainly met some pretty terrible characters on Law & Order: SVU over the years. The detectives in the popular NBC series investigate some of the most disturbing “ripped from the headlines” crimes committed by some really, really bad people.

But, while the criminals on SVU may be the baddest of the bads, there is one recurring character in the popular NBC series with a family connection to our favorite detectives that fans of the series simply cannot stand.

And, note some Law & Order: SVU fans on Reddit, each time she appears on the series, her bad choices get worse and worse.

“I’m rewatching the episode where Kim sets Amanda up with the murder of Jeff and I just had to say it,” one Redditor says of Kim Rollins.

“I have no idea why Amanda ever talked to her again,” the Law & Order: SVU fan continues. “That’s just unforgivable. Kim brings me rage.”

Many of the Redditors who joined in on the recent thread agree with the original poster on their assessment.

Although, a few commenters add that while she is a character we all love to hate, the actress who plays Kim Rollins, Lindsay Pulsipher portrays the SVU antagonist beautifully.

“I think her actress plays the fudge out of that role, though,” one Redditor responds on the original post.

“Oh definitely,” agrees another Redditor. “Not many actors or actresses can make my blood boil like that.”

Just When You Think One ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Antagonist Is Gone, She Returns Worse Than Ever

Another Redditor notes that each time Kim Rollins returns to the hit series, they hope it will be the last we see of her. But, this is not the case as the character keeps coming back bringing her criminal issues with her for her sister to deal with.

“I dread seeing her show up and I hope we never see her again,” notes one SVU fan in the Reddit post.

“The episode where she cleans out Amanda’s apartment tore me up,” the commenter adds.

They then referred to one piece of Kim’s exit. Noting that to them, it felt as if Kim was going an extra step just to be mean.

“I mean she even took everything out of the freezer,” the Redditor recalls. “And left it open! Who does stuff like that??”

Although, another Law & Order: SVU fan notes that Kim’s leaving her sister’s freezer open may have been related to something else.

“The freezer being left open suggesting she “cleaned that out too” is in reference to it being brought up that Amanda kept her hidden emergency money in the freezer,” the commenter points out.

Whatever the case, we can all agree that this character is as toxic as they come. One Redditor sums this up just perfectly in their comment.

“This is a character we can universally agree we all hate and have boiling rage for,” the SVU fan notes. “I never see SVU fans as united as when Kim is mentioned.”