‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Love Seeing This Character’s Family Life

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to showing this character’s family life behind the scenes on Law & Order: SVU, fans are all in to see even more of it. With that said, who is the character in mind?

We’re going to see about that with a little help from a thread on Reddit. And it is titled “On the detective’s personal lives…” This Redditor will be talking about the family life of Sergeant Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, played by Ice-T. It starts: “I’ve seen some people here disliking the way that the show handles the squad’s family members, such as Noah Benson or Kathleen Stabler. I’m inclined to agree, but I actually think there’s one character whose family life is fun to watch: Fin.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Notes That Fin’s Family Storylines Also Have Character Growth

“While he and his son had a rocky start, it was sweet to see him patch things up with Ken and work on his own biases,” this Law & Order: SVU fan writes. The Redditor also talks about helping Alejandro and his father, calling it “a welcome surprise.”

“His family storylines always involve some kind of growth for his character,” the writer states. “And of course, shout-out to Munch for helping Ken and Alejandro prep to meet Fin. Not to mention, Ken is a solid support character. I appreciate that he also pursued a field where he helps people, too.”

This Law & Order: SVU fan is going deep on the character’s family lives subject. The Redditor mentioned Ken and says that “he doesn’t appear often, but he’s usually helpful when he does.”

The person writes: “It’s not like how the other detectives often have to deal with saving their families or bailing them out of trouble. Being a proud grandfather also suits Fin. It’s hard to say why… Maybe because he’s outwardly tough.”

Fan Admits That Teresa’s Storyline Happened To Mirror A Bit The One For Elliot

Others that this Redditor does mention is Teresa, who “did have a compelling backstory, and in some ways, that story mirrored what could happen to Elliot. (I.E. divorcing because of stress from being a cop, parental alienation.)”

The Law & Order: SVU fan does give Teresa credit for including “him in Christmas dinner though. So points for that haha. All of this is to say, the family storylines aren’t the problem.”

My, what a solid post to lead this thread off on Reddit. Another Redditor reply states: “I love Fin, and I would prefer we replace 90% of Noah scenes with Fin and Jaden scenes.” This got a reply as well: “I think Noah is a tad bit spoiled.” And we get this response on the topic: “Seeing the softer side of Fin is incredibly fun to watch.”