‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Sound Off on Their Favorite Guest Stars Ahead Season 23

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: SVU fans are sounding off on their favorite guest stars ahead of the Season 23 premiere later this month. The Twitter account for the series started the discussion with a new promo for the show discussing its famous Law & Order: SVU guest stars.

The show has had guest stars such as Angela Lansbery, Alec Baldwin, Robin Williams, Bradley Cooper, Patricia Arquette, Stacy Keach, Ian McShane, Carol Burnett, Snoop Dog, Jerry Lewis, and Matthew Lillard.

“Wonder what surprises season 23 will bring in 18 days. Which past #SVU guest star is your favorite?” The account asks. Who knows, maybe this will allude to more big guest stars coming on board for season 23!

Lots of Law & Order: SVU fans are saying Robin Williams was their favorite.

“It will always be Robin Williams for me. I remember his episode was rerun over and over due to “overwhelming popular demand.” First time I was legit scared watching SVU,” one Law & Order: SVU fan wrote.

Others absolutely loved Patricia Arquette’s appearance on the series, describing her Law & Order: SVU storyline as “heartwrenching”

Some Law & Order: SVU fans, however, didn’t want to participate at all after the exit of Demore Barnes and Jamie Grey Hyder, two fan favorites who shockingly announced they wouldn’t return to the show over the weekend.

You can watch a video with all the guest stars below.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Stars Discuss their Favorite Guests

In the promo, the stars of Law & Order: SVU discuss their favorite guest stars as clips of the guest stars over the years play.

“One of the greatest gifts of this job is the incredible guest stars that I’ve been privileged enough to work with,” Law & Order: SVU lead Mariska Hargitay said.”I sort of can’t believe it. My whole life I’ve dreamed of being able to work with this person or that person. I didn’t have to go to them! They came to me!”

“When I look back at 20 years when I was a young actor thinking ‘Oh I wanna work with that person. They’re so amazing and then all of the sudden they’re in my backyard… Sometimes I just have to pinch myself.

Ice-T also shared his thoughts. He said that the guest stars are the most fun part about doing the show because every single week someone new comes on. However, he was “most starstruck by Jerry Lewis.” He also loved working with Carol Burnett. He also loved working with Snoop Dog, who apparently had a blast with everyone on set.

“Just working with Ian McShane was INSANE,” Ice-T said.

Peter Scanavino, who plays Carisi, said that his second episode ever was with Stacy Keach. “There I was all of a sudden plopped in a scene sitting next to him,” he said.

Amanda Rollins actress Kelli Giddish loved working with Patricia Arquette, even though she didn’t get to see her much. She loved the quick-acting choices Arquette made.

Whoever your favorite guest star is, there’s always room for more. You can find out who will make an appearance when Law & Order: SVU returns on Thursday, September 23rd.