‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Are Surprised By the Age of Some of its Viewers

by Joe Rutland

Mature topics have been tackled on “Law & Order: SVU” over its 22 seasons. Some fans are surprised by the age of that show’s viewers.

When we speak of mature topics, things like sexual assault, murder, and domestic violence are part of the Special Victims Unit’s work. A Reddit thread, though, covered the age issue around the NBC police drama. It’s titled “it’s so weird to me when i remember that there’s people over like 18 on the svu reddit”.

“Law & Order: SVU” draws viewers across the spectrum. The initial poster wrote, “like i read all your comments and i’m like hey good point and i assume you’re like a teenager like me, i’m 15, it’s so interesting from that one post when everyone said their age. it’s not a bad thing at all i just always forget hahah.”

Someone replied to the initial post by writing, “I was about your age when I began watching SVU and it’s going on it’s 23rd season. Boy, do I feel old!!” A follow-up reply to this poster simply wrote, “Same!”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Redditors Chime In Around Age Issue

This “Law & Order: SVU” Redditor wrote, “I am 71 and never knew this show was on until about six years ago.”

But another Redditor shared, “I always feel the opposite; surprised how many young people watch a show this old and obsess about characters that are even older than I am”. Again, someone replied with a two-word answer: “lol same”.

Here’s another fan’s interesting take. “I’m 39 I still kind of think of it as the ‘new’ L & O”, referring to the franchise-starting “Law & Order” show.

A “Law & Order: SVU” fan wrote, “Im 23 and have been watching the show since I was 12. Recently re-watched the whole thing again, too!”

NBC Crime Drama Gets Ready For Season 23 As Part of Primetime Lineup

One more Redditor pitched in with this reply. “I’m 31 and watched the earlier seasons when they were in tv when I was in high school,” the person wrote. “This would have been like 2004-2006ish. So I’ve sporadically watched the first 4ish seasons. I fell away from watching it and I’m coming back and watching them from start to finish now.”

This season will be No. 23 for the show. Mariska Hargitay, who has been a part of “Law & Order: SVU” since Season 1, returns as Captain Olivia Benson. Ice-T comes back in his role as Sergeant Odavin “Fin” Tutuola. Now he’s been on the show since Season 2.

Yes, “SVU” fans, you can see Christopher Meloni this season. But it’s going to be (mostly) on “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” which returns to NBC for its second season. Notice we said mostly because there reportedly have been “crossover” scenes already filmed between Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler and his former “SVU” partner, Hargitay as Benson.