‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Weigh In on Their Favorite ‘Minor Characters’

by Anna Dunn

With 21 seasons of Law & Order: SVU to sift through, there’s sure been a fair share of minor recurring characters on the show before. SVU has been on TV since 1999. Its leading actress, Mariska Hargitay, has the record for the longest amount of time an actor has played a character consistently.

While some tend to dwindle on the characters they don’t like, fans in a recent Reddit thread discussed which characters they genuinely miss from the series.

“Do you have any favorite minor characters? I actually liked Lucius Blaine from the episode “Fat.” He was chaotic in an entertaining way, I would have preferred he stayed on as Stabler’s temporary partner instead of Dani Beck,” one fan wrote, prompting the thread.

One of the most popular responses was in favor of an old character from the 2000s. “Ryan O’Halloran was the man and I hated how they killed him off,” one person wrote. O’Halloran’s own assistant murdered him after he found evidence that his assistant murdered an attorney.

“I liked Chester Lake too. I see a lot of anti-Lake stuff on this sub, and it always confuses me. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t the most *exciting* secondary character, but he fits into the squad decently well,” another fan added.

Lake was Fin Totuola‘s partner for a while and primarily featured in seasons 8 and 9.

Fans also mentioned Babbs Duffy, Sister Peg, Trevor Langan, and Judge Donnelly.

Actor Chris Meloni Fount it Very Challenging to Return to ‘Law & Order: SVU’ After Exit

While it’s one thing to see minor characters come and go, fans felt devastated when Elliot Stabler actor Chris Meloni left the series. Luckily, he’s back. Not only does he have his own show, Law & Order: Organized Crime, but he made crossover appearances on Law & Order: SVU.

But coming back to the role after a decade-long absence? That wasn’t easy.

“It was nerve-wracking as hell leading up to it. People asked me ‘how does it feel?’ It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do as an actor,” he admitted in an interview with People. It definitely went smoothly, because people are wanting more.

There will likely be more crossover events coming for season 22 of Law & Order: SVU. With the coronavirus not impacting filming schedules, they’ll be much easier to shoot.

This fall Law & Order: SVU will air on Thursdays with Law & Order: Organized Crime just as it was for season 21. There’s also a new show, Law & Order: For the Defense, getting added to the Thursday lineup. For the Defense follows a team of defense attorneys working on the other side of the criminal justice system. The three shows will make a great Thursday for fans.